What's your biggest complaint about liberals/conservatives?

The left/right rhetoric nonsense.

"liberals" and "conservatives" agree on 98% of all the existing laws and the vast majority of all the existing policies. The only way you get elected is by focusing on the differences.

People say I'm on the left or the far left, because I am to the left of the Democrats.

So I didn't think that was very accurate, and I used neutral reference materials and it turns out, the left wing of the left-right economic scale is socialism, and I'm not talking about Bernie Sanders "let's have a proper minimum wage" American-style socialism. I'm not talking about Norwegian "universal healthcare" "socialism".

I'm talking about Cuba socialism, Venezuelan socialism, I'm talking about anarcho-collectivist socialism, I'm talking about Stalinism, Maoism, SOCIALISM. A thing that doesn't exist in any potent form in frigging Norway, let alone the United States. Outside of the bubble of the American culture, being on the left means something. The Democratic party of the United States would be the right wing party in most countries.

Look at the positions taken by the Republican party in the 1990s. Aside from cultural issues like gay marriage / abortion, the Democratic party of today is that party, right down to the affordable care act, a Republican idea from back when Republicans were closer to the center.

Neither party is on the "left". No nationalized industries, no centrally set prices for anything, a piss-poor minimum wage, and both parties helped de-regulate wall street. Couldn't have done it at all without the Democrats.

And, to be very clear, I don't want actual leftists in charge. I don't want nationalized industries, socialist communes made up of anarchists, nationalized price controls, maximum wages, capital-s Socialists or Communists in charge. Social democracy, the extremely watered down thing that Norway has and Bernie Sanders aspires to, is as far as I go. That would make me centrist or very center-left.

So it galls me when I see Republicans attacking Democrats for being far left extremists. Not sure what political science book you've been reading. It galls me when Democrats go after mainstream Republicans or moderate conservatives for being on the "far right".

Far right are the ultra capitalists. Plenty of them donate to the Democratic party, as well as the Republican party.

Liberals and conservatives, from my vantage point, are almost exactly as far to the right as one another, and depending on the issue, favor more or less state authority. Social issues? Less state authority from Democrats. Centralized government over state, bureaucracy, consumer protection bureaus for example, less state authority from Republicans.

But you guys look almost identical. It's because you're so frigging identical that you have to look hard for things to disagree about and paint one another as extremists.

In times where there's a terrorist attack or a national emergency, whoever is in power Republican or Democrat suddenly finds 90 percent public opinion in their favor. How quickly you guys forget all your very few pertinent differences when something shocks you out of the partisan nonsense pulling you apart. Watch Democrats sign off on war and laws empowering Republican administrations to go fight it. Watch Democrats gain power and keep most of those rules, and Republicans support keeping them.

Yeah, there are differences. You spend all your time emphasizing them. And yet, when I hear you guys talk, you say the same damned things.

"We need jobs!"

"We need better schools!"

"We need better wages!"

"We don't want Wall Street sellouts!"

"We don't want the government intruding into our private lives!"

"We don't want the government getting between me and my doctor!"

"We're sick of corruption!"

"We're sick of partisanship!"

"Stop calling me an extremist!"

Democrats say we need jobs, and the job situation has improved since Republicans ran us off the rails. Republicans say we need jobs, and the jobs haven't come back to rural areas, thanks to Democrats not caring about Republican parts of the country. Democrats point out that the states underperforming are the ones where Republicans were in charge. Republicans point out Democrats are for free trade. So were the Republicans. Democrats point out Republicans were for de-regulating Wall Street. So were the Democrats. Jobs exist when there is demand for goods and services. Demand drops when people with jobs have no spending money. People have no spending money when prices rise but wages don't. Wages don't rise when both parties sell out to corporate interests making it easier for them to find cheaper labor and break unions and ship jobs overseas and avoid paying taxes.

Democrats say we need better public schools, Republicans say we need more private and religious schools. Do both, for crying out loud. Leave public schools alone, as the Republican Alaskan and Maine Senators who opposed DeVos pointed out, in some rural areas, school "choice" is an illusion. There's the one public school that we can afford, and that's it. Don't screw that up.

Democrats want to raise the minimum wage directly. Republicans want to raise it by waiting for trickle-down economics to ever work, which it hasn't.

Democrats are Wall Street sellouts. So are Republicans.

Democrats don't want to invade the private life of your bedroom, and are for decriminalizing drugs, and don't think the government should make decisions based on what a religious book says, and don't think the government should police non-violent non-theft kinds of behavior. Republicans don't want the government telling you what wages there should be, what regulations there should be, and don't want bureaucrats or government departments being funded, and want lower taxes. Both want less government, just of the other kind.

Democrats don't want the government de-funding medicare, medicaid, or to stop subsidies for insurance programs or drugs or research, and they don't want Republicans meddling with the system, because it is only via that system that people can even afford to see a doctor or get any pills or treatments. Republicans don't want Democrats funding healthcare programs, claiming that will lead to rationing "like they have in Canada", where people can see a doctor. Here, we can't see one without money, which is a different kind of rationing and a much longer wait (never is a long time), and people go bankrupt just because they needed healthcare. But both believe the opposition will ruin healthcare. And both parties have created problems in the system.

Democrats don't want corrupt Republicans in power. Republicans don't want corrupt Democrats in power. Neither side seems to give a shit if it's their own party.

Both parties are sick of partisanship, neither are doing a thing to stop it.

Both sides label one another as extremists. We are also becoming more and more separated by geography. It's easier to paint your opposition badly if they're not your neighbor. Or if you see one example of an outrageous nutter, and you don't have a group of people who regularly interact, stereotyping abounds. And because our politics has gotten so bitter, it's not like you'd be having a friendly conversation if you talked politics anyway. It's stressful, personal, bitter, and we're all fricking tired of the endless campaign. Every 2 years is an election and they spend 2 years running for office every 4 years. The struggle never ends.

Worse, since moderates and pragmatists in both parties and anyone in swing states who has to soften their position to stay in power in a hostile district eventually gets flushed out of power, all you're left with are the ultra-partisans in the super safe districts, who have all the money, make all the policy, and enforce their viewpoint on the newcomers with a metric crapton of rules favoring incumbents, committee leaders, and party national committee politics, not to mention constant fundraising, which prevents any newcomer from making an impact or changing the system.

Both parties get more partisan, more corrupt, less interested in what the increasingly divided voters have to say, and rely more and more on corporate money to power their campaigns, even when congressional approval ratings are at dismal levels.

You guys constantly fight, and it's utterly ridiculous.

You are nearly identical, and you've forgotten how to be American. Every time the other party is in power, Texas threatens to secede. Now California threatens to secede. Now conservatives in California threaten to secede from California and become "Jefferson".

Yeah, this situation will get SO MUCH BETTER if you utterly abandon the country and give one political party a 99% chance of always retaining power in the country that's left over after you leave. And guess who your largest trading partner will be? That disaster sure won't spill out into your doorstep. If you think that solves anything, you're out of your cotton picking minds. Not to mention all this bullcrap about how un-American Democrats and liberals are, and now how un-American Trump voters are.

Give me a break. Sometimes it takes a national disaster or a terrorist attack to get you guys to knock that shit off.

I don't want it to have to take bodies for that to happen.

I'm further to the left than essentially everyone I speak to in the United States, and my prescription to "liberals" and "conservatives" is to get closer to one another, not further away.

Don't shit on the moderate conservatives or the conservative conservatives who aren't being racist shitheads. Don't shit on all Republicans. Don't blame a Trump voter for getting sick of the corporate wing of the Democratic party who didn't even bother to visit a swing state for Christ's sake, while the economy is slow to recover there. You don't think that's a problem that needs fixing?

The solution isn't Trump, but when you have only one lever to pull that isn't "business as usual", this kind of stuff happens. Do a better ground game, do literally anything in the not-dark-blue states for a change, and pick a candidate that stands for something different. If you don't think Bernie's take on corporate America wouldn't have resonated with the working class that got shafted by free trade agreements, when that's half of what he talked about, and the fact that he's got WAY more credibility on the issue than Trump, whose every product is made in China or Taiwan, who is a billionaire, I mean... keep sticking with corporate insiders if you want to keep losing at the polls. It will continue to be a disaster.

And Republicans, the people you vote for know how to talk to you, but do a little more research before you vote. You shouldn't be surprised that Obamacare (bad) is the same thing as the Affordable Care Act (good thing you rely on for healthcare). That faux pas is on you. Complain about Obama being out of touch, taking too many vacations, playing golf too much, and then vote for a guy who is far richer, stuffed his cabinet with billionaires, has a long history of shafting his workers, people he's made deals with, excluding black people from renting from him, screwing people with his fake university, gets into office and spends almost as much in 1 month in travel expenses as Obama did in 12 months, and has already taken a vacation before he's even halfway done filling positions inside his administration, and, ta-da, playing golf.

I know you're not even remotely close to liking any of these things, because all of them are against what your conservative values tell you are good things to have in a politician. If Trump's name was Obama, and he had a D next to his name, you'd be crying for impeachment right now. But you want him to succeed so much, and fix things, that you can't turn your back on him. Yet.

When it comes, you'll have to work together with liberals and Democrats to oppose him.

So both sides, you need to quit burning your frigging bridges. You spend all day and all night attacking the only people who are left to be your voting allies when it's time to remove the latest travesty. Democrats blaming Trump voters, Trump voters suggesting liberals hate America.

You both really really need to stop. It's embarrassing and fricking dangerous. Read your history. When the social democrats and the german commies utterly refused to get along, were both either extremist or corrupt partisan assholes, they could not work together, and when another party took control, they refused to work together to oppose it. They thought, it couldn't get worse than this opposition party.

It can get worse. You think the Democrats are bad, Republicans? Try nationalists.

You think Republicans are bad, liberals? Try nationalists.

While you bicker, and be corrupt, and generally fail the public, nationalism and populism start to rise, and the enemy you don't know can be far worse.

You think it's tough working with liberals and Democrats, conservative people? You'll get your butts thrown out of the Republican party by far-right nationalists for not being tough enough. You won't HAVE a party.

You think it's tough working with moderate conservative Republicans, liberal Dems? Have fun negotiating with Stephen Bannon's wave of nationalists.

While liberals and conservatives take turns pissing on one another, they're forgetting the value of compromise and bipartisanship and not ripping the country so far apart that it can never heal. Talk of secession and traitors and enemies of the people, keep talking like that.

Soon comes a new kind of politics where that kind of rhetoric won't be hyperbole, and strap yourselves in for a history refresher. Good luck sorting this out when nationalists get control over the federal government and pack the supreme court with people who think it would be okay for national guard troops to fire into crowds of peaceful protesters, and literally the only people who could stand with you against the madness were the people you've been shitting on for decades, and now you hate each other and blame each other for the mess.

My biggest complaint about liberals and conservatives: You guys are so silly to think of your differences as anything more than a sibling rivalry, and you have absolutely no idea how much worse things can get if you keep your eye off of the nationalist-populist ball. That will be the end of your country as you know it, and if you're VERY lucky, you'll only end up with a Putin-like figure in charge, not a Duterte, and they'll restrict the legalized murder to "criminals", "drug-dealers", "rioters" and rival politicians. They won't just round up the people who voted for Kodos and shoot them, or toss political dissenters in jail for supporting the "corrupt and traitorous Republican and Democratic parties". You keep acting like the other side is the enemy, and full of wackadoodle partisan lunatics, and you'll have nothing left to say when actual enemy, wackadoodle militant partisans take over, and liberals/conservatives of the past have no control of Congress.

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