What's your favorite oxymoron?

My favorite list of Oxymoron.

India - All prime ministers in Nehru family are elected Democratically.

Indian politician - All Engineering seats are to filled by reservation, not merit, Find out the Best Engineer to build my Home.

Minority - The 5 % caste Brahmins cannot rule the majority 95 % . Why Muslims are not becoming Prime ministers in India, Always the majority Hindus rule ?

Indian MP : Vote for Caste Reservation in the morning session of Parliament, Oppose Woman's reservation in the evening Session!

Tamilnadu : who is the Supreme court to decide about 69 % reservation, Jalikattu and Neet ? The supreme court decision on Cauvery is to be respected!

Kerala : Communist forms the Government in God's own Country!

Bollywood Cinema : Make a movie with King's story if it is Akbar. But name the movie with the queen's story if it is Ratan Singh! There is no story in Akbar's wife life or Padmini Husband's life!

Indian Parents : You should do all activities my boy, Always don't watch Cartoon! Lot of other things are there beyond this cartoon! My daddy watch only Cricket, and for him sports means Cricket only!

Indian lady : She will be in a Saree, Bhindi and she loves the Indian tradition and Culture in TV serial! (Is crying also Indian Tradition ?)

Indian Hero : Advises Doctors in movie not to charge more than Five rupees after getting 5 crore payment for the movie!

Finally Relaxation : Always do not stay in closed room and end up in Depression ! The city has got a nice zoo! Go and see the Animals! The lovely and cute animals in the zoo will change your mood!

What is the best climbing gym in San Francisco?

You have 2 climbing gym "families" (chains) in SF:Planet Granite SFLocated on Crissy Fields right next to Golden Gate BridgeMission Cliffs - part of Touchstone ClimbingMission, on 19th and Harrison (right across from Lyft HQ if you are into

What are the benefits of working out in the morning?

Exercises in the mornings set your mood for the rest of the day. You tend to feel good because of fresh air, quiet environment and you just wake up with renewed energy.Also, it is scientifically proven that the first rays of Sunlight are good source of Vitamins. That's why