When Arvind Kejriwal promised to send all corrupt politicians to jail, how can an AAP member ask to vote for BSP and SP Gundas? Is AAP a major loser in this election?

AAP is a like local regional party restricted to Delhi. Kejriwal after ditching Anna Hazare started it as continuation of IAC against the wish of Anna. Now he has to tell something now to woo the people and he did not have money and hence used anti corruption as a tool to win. First win did not have strength and did not go with BJP as some sects of India treat BJP as communal. He kept on wooing Muslims and Christians as well. For all, he only told I have enough evidence put many Congress leaders behind jail, if voted to power. But immediately after first election, went with the same corrupt Congress. But the things did not go well and after 49 days ran off. Re-elections were held as BJP did not go with Congress and AAP did not ask BJP. Second election, I don't know what people have found in him. He got 67/70 and rest went to BJP. Congress was totally wiped off. He kept on grumbling against Modi. During General elections before, he contested against Modi in Varanasi and lost heavily. Then also did not realize that he is not for National level and never was contented with his CM post of Delhi. Kept on increasing his aspiration levels. But his love for Congress broke all levels and stopped all talking against Sheila and team. Only he can answer as to how Congress became holy cow for AAP and him. He grew as most arrogant leader and kept on blaming Modi for everything. Lost heavily in Muncipal elections. But even now, wanted a tie up for 7 LS seats at Delhi and 10 seats of Haryana. But Pappu never wanted tie up beyond Delhi and then he started showing his anger. He is behaving like a child and I don't know why still people of Delhi are adjusting with him.

How to control your urges to eat fried or oily food when you are trying to lose weight

Answering this from my experience.I weighed 80kgs, and currently weigh 66kgs. Tried crash diets..only fruits/vegetable diets and so on..it infact made me sick and felt like I was starving.You can't just quit eating junk or oily foods, especially if you have been hooked on it for

Does a protein supplement (like whey protein) really have no side-effects? If someone quits a workout after a few years, then can that supplement revert back on the body shape with any kind of side effects?

Hi Aniket, Hope you're doing well and must say that you've asked a good question which many of the users would want to know of.For the ease of understanding, lets break the question into 2 parts. 1st part - Does whey protein

Why did the United States drop two atomic bombs on Japan in World War II?

It was the only way to get the Japanese to stop fighting. The people who argue against the use of bombs seem to have no idea of the circumstances of their use and no idea of what the alternatives were. Apparently, people who take