When I do tricep pushdowns (or any tricep exercise), I feel a tingling sensation. Why is this happening, and is there anything I can do to stop it?

  • You've only mentioned a tingling sensation. This suggests nerve compression.
  • If pain and burning are also involved, possible explanations may be bursitis and/or tendonitis.
  • However, if the pain and tingling originate in either or both of the elbows and radiate out and down the forearm, it is quite likely something called cubital tunnel syndrome.

Most medical professionals who don't like the idea of you lifting weights will advise you to stop lifting for awhile. Some find this advice more doable than others. I was rather stubborn and never took this advice (which probably will work, if you don't mind turning into a pencil-necked geek).

Alternatives that might also work are:

  1. Switch to a handle attachment with some stretchability, here at the gym we use either heavy duty rubber bands or bike tyre inner tubing which will absorb some of the stress and trauma of this exercise. You can also, of course change this exercise for others which don't cause this problem (if there are any that you can find).
  2. Try a combination of freeze sprays, lineaments and or DMSO creams or gels.
  3. Various types of elbow tubes, supports or wraps.

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