When I was 24, my brother was 1/3 my age. My sister is 3 times half my brothers age. How old will my brother be when my sister is 40? How old will I be?

When this person was 24, then his brother was 1/3 of his age means, his age was 24×1/3=8 years.

His sister is 3 times half ( 3×1/2=3/2=1.5 times) of brother's age means sister age 8 × 1.5=12 years

Now the sister has turned to 40, means number of years elapsed

40–12 = 28 years

These elapsed years will also be counted for this person's brother age as well as this person's age.

Therefore brother age

Brother earlier age + number of years elapsed

8 + 28 = 36 years

And this person present age is

24 + 28 = 52 years

Answer this person brother's age presently is 36 years, while this person himself is 52 years old now.

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