When and how did sushi become popular in the US?

It started in the late 60s in LA, but it's through the late 70s/early 80s that it became really popular with the trend-setting movie people. By then the chefs had already started to move away from traditional Japanese sushi to add a fusion element to their dishes but by the end of the 80s the sushi rolls had totally become the stars, and "American sushi" was truly born.

In the 80s there was a first wave of sushi bars opening in the cities on the continents, still very often Japanese owned, serving sushi at the counter, with a few tables. By the early 90s, bigger places, with many chefs, able to serve tons of maki platters at tables had become the standard.

As the popularity of sushi spread, its quality generally declined, along with the prices. Tuna, salmon and tilapia (often sold under a false appellation like Tai) became the norm. It's only with the appearance of "mass market" sushi, centred on fat or sugar heavy ingredients and "big flavours" (avocado, tempura and flakes, mayonnaise, sriracha, very sweet sauces etc.) in rolled sushi that sushi truly became a very popular food with the masses, around the early to mid 90s I would say.

What do astronauts do while on the ISS?

The seven day week consists of five and half days schedule for working nominal tasks and a contiguous 1.5 days off.  That doesn't necessarily mean the crew do no work during that 1.5 days, just that they aren't scheduled for tasks other than mandatory things like exercise.A 24 hour day is composed

Is jumping rope effective? How effective is it?

Jump rope is a very fun/effective cardio/toning exercise. It is definitely comparable to running/sprinting. In general if you train HIIT format or push hard, you can burn similar amount of calories per min as running or sprinting. (about 10 to 15 calorie per min). I do recommend interval training as it is more efficient

What are some real reviews of a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh?

I guess real review means real experience. Here's mine at a yoga school in Rishikesh, India from last year.After practicing yoga on my own for 1 year, I decided to join 200 hrs yoga teacher training. Rishikesh was the obvious choice since it