When can I expect visible results of my weight loss?

First, stop checking your weight daily. This will only end you up in a demotivating state.
Work out daily without expectation, and before you go depressed and cancel your gym, remember that stopping an exercise won't get you any where. It takes time, even a lotttttt of time, but depends on every individual's metabolic rate. 
Focus on the day-to-day challenges of getting to the gym, make wise nutritional diet choice and soon you will be excited by the results of your efforts and yes, soon everybody will also notice. But please, stop checking your weight on scale daily.
Can someone hack my email? If so, how can this be prevented?

There are several vulnerabilities with email that need to be hardened.Your email host. Some email hosts (vendors/providers) take security deadly serious. Others are not much better than criminals themselves. Start with a host that takes your privacy as seriously as do you. This means they:Encrypt your email in transit between your

Is it healthy to only eat 2 meals a day? (age 19)

I wouldn't say it's healthy, no matter if you get enough calories from just those two meals. It's important to get enough nutrients needed in a day throughout. Timing is very important when to eat and so is your portion. Like if you have a only a banana