In which year did the British rule begin in India?

There are two phases of British Rule in India. The first phase was when the British East India Company were successful in their territorial ambitions by winning the Battles of Plassey and Buxar in 1757 and 1764 which did not had direct control of the British Government.

And, the next phase began in 1858, when the British Government took direct control of the colonies in the Indian Subcontinent from the company after the revolt of 1857 by our freedom fighters which was also known as the First War Of Independence.

Why do the Northern Irish seem to be the most patriotic among all other Brits?

which northern irish?there's something at stake and it's fanned by antagonismthe protestants feel threatened by catholics who are equally patriotictoward ireland

If World War One and Two had never happened what would the world be like now?

I freely admit to being maddeningly inconsistent with verb tenses in this answer. If this is the sort of thing that drives you nuts - and it probably would drive me insane if I hadn't written it - you've been warned.A large part of

Have you ever been to Camp David?

Have you ever been to Camp David?Yes. My dad was stationed at Camp David and served in communications under President Ford. We lived nearby in the Catoctin Mountains. It's beautiful, and security wasn't nearly so tight back in those days. We were allowed to visit