When did the world go wrong?

The world is much better off than you seem to believe. The decades since WWII have been the most peaceful, prosperous, and plentiful period in the history of human civilization. People around the world have more comfort and access than every before. Go outside and take a walk in nature, because you can't see the beauty of the world from your couch in front of the TV.

PS, we're not going to elect Trump.

The world has been going wrong for thousands of years. Already the old Romans complained about these lazy youngsters and the ineptness of new rulers, compared to the wisdom of the rules before.

Neither Putin nor Trump are persons I like. Yet neither is a Hitler or a Stalin. The globe is supporting 7bn people. In primary school I was taught the maximum is 3bn. I was taught in the seventies that oil would last for about 20 more years.

Lastly, global poverty levels are not rising. The UN has achieved its millennium goal of poverty reduction. A far higher percentage of the world population falls now percentage - wise and in absolute terms into the ‘middle - income' bracket. Life expectancy has increased almost everywhere. In the 1950s 250 people per 1 mio died of war - today it is 10 in 1mio.

Thus in summary, for the vast majority the world has become a better place in the last 50 years. Though in the age of the internet, the impression might be different.

It's those damn kids these days dancing to that crazy music and not respecting traditions. I mean really this new dangled fox trot is scandalous. What's wrong with a proper waltz? The world is going to heck in a handbasket!

As others have pointed out, by just about all measures the world is a better place (for humans) than ever. We do have some serious work ahead to make sure this trend continues. Things probably will get worse if we don't get a handle on the climate issues ASAP.

What you are expressing is typical conservatism and nostalgia. We naturally remember the good times past and worry about the threats of the present and future. This is a healthy and functional tendency as long as we don't let it get out of hand and lead to cynicism and depression.

When the humans turned up of course!

And as Robert said, this is the best the world has ever been (for humans at least) by a significant distance. It's absolute paradise compared to the way it used to be. Way less war than ever, modern medical miracles abound, technology that's nothing short of space age brilliance ‘of the future', global communication and knowledge sharing, more human rights than ever before.

Everyone likes a good moan about the things that are wrong, including me, but this is as good as it's ever been. Go get your favourite food or drink and celebrate.

First i don't agree Putin is raping other countries , Why USA is deploying there warships from mexican gulf to baltic sea,Have you seen any Russian Warships in gulf of mexico,If USA and NATO are aggressive near russian borders ,Russia will not wait and watch silently ,go and check the US and NATO military budget you will see who is in favor of war ,Putin laughs when trump's gets lead ,Foreign Policy is controlled by CIA not by USA president ,the presidential candidates gives fake assurance during campaign after becoming president everything becomes normal

... the world went insane when Cain killed Able. And it hasn't got any better since. How can we change it.? Just do what Jesus advocated: Love thy neighbor as thyself. That's it. But be careful in telling others ‘how to love thy neighbor'.. that is usually where things go wrong.

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