When did you have your first mobile phone?

Don't know where to start from as getting my first phone was nothing less than an emotional movie with lots of ups and downs.lets go back almost 3 years and live those moments again.

"Its just been 1 month since i cleared my 10th Cbse and started my 11th class. all my friends had the coolest phones of that time and i was frustrated enough seeing them chatting, playing games,taking pictures and what not.i wanted a smartphone as well now. it wasn't like i didn't get to use an Android phone but your own phone is a complete different feeling. so after lots of requests from my parents they agreed to buy me a phone. so my hunt for the best smartphone under my budget begun. after 10 days or so there was a big sale online on Flipkart which provided a good discount on my dream phone and without any hesitation i ordered it from my uncle's phone.

Fast forward to the day i had the seal packed phone in my hands. i quickly paid the delivery boy and went straight to my room with my cousin(uncle's son) who was same as excited as me. so here opens up the package and I can't explain that feeling of holding my first phone in my hands. and it was this beauty in my hands that day.

First "mobile" phone was a radiotelephone ("car phone") in the 1970s... actually a 2-way VHF radio linked to a mobile operator telephone network.

Got a "cellular" portable car phone in the mid-1980s... about the size of a military ammo box with a telephone handset attached. In the car, it ran off the car battery and a car-mounted antenna. The box had a handle, and you could pull the box out of its mount, and carry / use it as a portable telephone... had a big, heavy battery pack at the bottom of the box, and you had to extend the attached antenna.

1988 - got a Motorola "brick"... high tech for its time. Damn thing was literally as big as a brick, almost indestructable (slid off the roof of the car a few times; went overboard from a boat once), and had really good call range (important as the analog networks back then were pretty spotty).

Using cell phones was expensive back in the day... on top of a stiff monthly fee ($ 90), they charged you by the minute for both outgoing and incoming calls (up to $ 0.50 per minute). And there weren't any nationwide networks... cell networks were local, and when you left your home territory, you got charged roaming fees for the privilege of having cell access, and call charges that ran $ 1 or more per minute. It was a big deal to have a cell phone back in the 1980s and 1990s... mostly because most people couldn't afford or justify the expense.

Got a big Motorola flip phone in the early 1990s (Micro TAC DPC550; about 1/4 the size of the "brick"), then a petite (small enough to hide in the palm of your hand) Samsung flip phone in 2000 (for many years, the trend in mobile phones was to get smaller... last 10 years, they seem to be getting bigger and bigger).

Eventually had to join the digital "smart" phone age. How DID we ever survive without 24/7 communication capability and Internet access ????

Point of information: The smart phones most of us now carry individually have something like a thousand times the computing power of the aggregate of ALL the computers used during the first moon landing mission in 1969.

I bought my first phone during the first year of engineering.(2013)

It was a very tought http://decision.It was because at those times less number of people were into reviewing smartphones.There were just a handful of reliable people tech reviewing.I remember Igyan was new at that time,android authority was quite established four years ago but they never revied indian phones before.

My budget was 15000INR.I saw many phones.The likes of samsung,micromax and thats it.I know you might be thinking about sony,htc etc but they were not so serious about budget segement at that time.

I key seeing videos consuming my broadband plan exhaustively.I developed a kind of passion of seeing a new mobile review everyday.Finally i chose Canvas HD A116.The budget killer of those times. It was a hot seller and thay was the only reason that was stopping me to buy it.The human feeling of owing something unique was just stopping me.And finally one day Lava iris 504q was launched.it was an http://allrounder.It was lighter ,quick and a better camera performance than the http://counterpart.It was more visually pleasing and had the unique factor in it.

It was a phone of the future because it was only phone that supported USB ON THE GO at that time in that budget.Just imagine having a phone that can be connected to a pendrive http://anytime.It had that "swag" factor.I saw many of my friends often jealous about this feature of my phone( a more costly phone like the samsung grand also didn't have this feature).

Take a loot at it.

Mobile phone ohh.. I have a bunch of stories on it.

I remembered my first mobile which was thrown out of the window, when I was 16.

When I was in my school days I purchased a Sony Xperia sybershot with my pocket money. I purchase it because of my friends for chatting purpose. All the night I used to chat with my friends and surfing internet.

In my home I'm very possessive kid for my parents and very disciplinary. They had always been able to find me when I was doing something wrong.

One day my mother asked me , " its have been 8 days I'm spotting you in sleep upto 7:30 am. And always late for the school bus." She was in dilemma. As usual I was chatting for late night in my dark room. Suddenly I sense some one is in standing infront of me. It was my father.

He caught me, while i was using mobile and he was looking at me in a angry face. Then he snatched it an threw out of the window , its because I was using mobile without his permission.

In 1976. It was a mobile phone, a 50 watt high band automobile radio telephone. You needed to make sure the engine was running, or the battery could run down, it drew a lot of power. There was only one channel, there were about 12 users on this network, and everyone in 5 counties who had a scanner could, and would, listen in. We had to go through the ‘mobile operator' who was the woman at the answering service. At night the owner's mother ran the thing, but had almost no grasp on how it worked, and generally screwed up the call. The timer would automatically drop the call at 180 seconds without a warning, as some of the users talked too long, so this was instituted by the management. If it was a problems, as the management felt, just stop talking at 179 seconds! One time, on a far away hilltop, I talked to our tower, a distance of 75 air miles. When I was told about this thing called "cellular phones" would be coming our way, I never believed it. And there isn't a day that goes by now that I'm not awed about how wonderful the cell phone system is. Absolutely no comparison to a 25 pound mobile phone, that could dim the headlights in the car!

The year was 2002, and I was eager to take over my cousin's hand-me-down phone. It was perfect for a 14 year old girl, a ruby red Nokia phone with a removable faceplate and short stubby black antenna. Phone charms were all the rage back then, and I adored the clinky albeit tacky charms like nothing else.

Looking back, the phone was pretty archaic compared to today's technology. I remember it had one game (the Snake game?) and texting was lengthy since there were no keyboards back then.

I wish I still had the phone today so that I could show it to my 12 year old niece and gage her reaction. She would probably think it's a Walkie talkie or a toy, or something else equally unthinkable to a Generation Z kid. That's saying a lot coming from a Millennial.

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