When did you realize life is easy?


I'm Not thinking it's meant to always be easy. Some things come easy. Boys when younger. First real job I was extremely fortunate, but, had some nothing jobs to get there. Had much given to me as a child that I needed, but, not everything I wanted. Got much of my education paid for. Life got more challenging after marriage and learned more of deceit and how to handle it. More boyfriends taught me manipulation of others by him. Health made life extremely challenging, yet, made me even more grateful for each and every day. Life easy? No. Life perfect? No. But, life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Enjoy the good, minimize the bad, love yourself and continue to love others. Then it might just be more simple. Not necessarily easy. Prayer always has helped me get beyond when my plate just can not hold one more thing on it. And if you are religious, we learn in the Bible of all of these positives and all of these negatives. We will all have things to handle, it's how we choose to handles "stuff" that makes all the difference. That's when we decide how easy life will be with our decisions.

Life is not, never was, and will never be ‘easy'. If you are wealthy enough to make life pleasant, you will have a whole different batch of ‘stuff that happens' that you will have to deal with in some way, shape, or form, than those who are barely scraping by. Regardless of your ‘status' in life, there will be things that get in the way of ‘easy'.

You can, however, be prepared for the unexpected, so that the journey isn't as hard as it could be.

You can also adjust your thinking so that no matter what you may have to face, you will travel ‘through' it with less difficulty.

But ‘easy'? Never happen-not without K-Y ;-)

The thing is, life isn't easy. It never will be. There's been multiple times when I've tried to give up, but there was always a person to prevent me from doing the unspeakable: my dad. I've been bullied by my former friends, abandoned by my mother, and fat shamed by my classmates. Life is like a building. You open different doors and sometimes, treachery, struggles and betrayals lay behind those doors. Now, I'm not saying that life isn't filled with joy, just that happiness is a bit harder. Happiness is locked doors, moving heavy furniture, and climbing up steep stairs

"Be kind, because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Philo

Life is not easy, overall. There are times when life is easy, and those are the times to savor. Having more than enough money may contribute to happiness, but it isn't necessarily a requirement. Having the proper attitude, I believe, is a more significant factor. Positive people seem to roll with the punches of life. When they experience difficult times, they tend to weather them and move forward in a less personally disruptive way than others who are less hopeful. I try to live with a "love of fate," or Amor fati. Things seem more natural for me subscribing to that philosophy.

When I took my time LIVING in the moment.

By feeling the breeze on your face, enjoying every taste in food, every joy in each laugh.

Cheesy, I know, but true, take a moment and really think about the now, and you'll realise that life is simple, when it's simple, it's easy.

Good question... I don't really know; is life easy? Life can be easy; it can be hard, it just depends on your perspective, I guess. You can find ease and simplicity by viewing things with a mindset of not taking things so seriously, or by getting stressed by things you can't control.

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