When do couples start talking about marriage?

Marriage is a big decision that should be given thorough consideration. When you are dating someone it is important to know where you both stand on the idea of marriage. Every couple's relationship progresses at a different pace. The individuals involved in the relationship should bring up the topic of marriage when they believe that they would like to marry the other. The discussion should be had when both individuals are comfortable with the discussion. Hopefully, by having open and honest dialogue with each other will help guide future relationship decisions.

Should I let my 18 year old boy to sleep with his 17 year old cousin (Female) in the same bed? They are too close to each other, so would that be right?

From my point of view no ,let them sleep separately , because nowadays children knows everything more than their age and that is not bad it's good but when girl is this age they want some privacy,they have some mature problem in this age , nowadays boys also want their separate bad you gave allow them to

Did you regret getting married immediately after the ceremony?

Going anonymous so my wife doesn't kill me...Yes. Big, fat, regretful, painful, YES. Apologies, but this is going to get a little involved, as I want to vent...It is all my fault, really. I am an idiot, and it has taken almost 3 years to realize it. I am a bad guy who