When do you feel happy?

I am not a "Happy Pill" but there are some occasions which make me feel really happy(though deep inside I feel anyone would be happy on these occasions)
OK so let me begin

  • When I am able to do something for people about whom I care.
    In our everyday lives,we always tend to forget about the people who unconditionally care for us. I many a times plan to do great things for such people but end up completing only 2-3 of them. But the priceless smile you bring on their faces after accomplishing it, it's unbeatable and the greatest source of happiness.
  • When I decide to do something in a given set of time and actually achieve it!  I am a pathetic procrastinator. Enough said!
  • When I succeed academically
    Pretty old school right? I know. But it feels great when hard-work pays :)
  • When I read novels freely
    I mean when I am free from all sorts of tests, assignments, projects etc
  • When I hear any of the KK songs
    Simply in love with his voice. No matter how bad my day is, this definitely makes me feel much better.
  • When I meet or get a call from any of my old friends.
  • When I eat chocolates and chocolate flavoured biscuits .
  • When my answers receive any kind of appreciation on Quora

And lastly when I am able to write difficult words without a spelling mistake! :D

Hoping I didn't bore you with my list :P

Presently, I am at Top of the World just after reading this question, and realizing that how lucky I m.

Thanks for asking such a Beautiful question. I hope that Everyone can realize and see their lives with a beautiful perspective. Because Imperfections are always perfect in it's own way.

So, First of all, This Question is the main reason, for realizing me that How happy and lucky I am. And Here, some of the points which I pen down while going through this question.

  • I have all my senses working.
  • I am lucky to have both my Parents, this is just the point to realize that I am happy to get there love. They just want me to enjoy my life, for which they can do anything. I am happy to get my mother's food and my father's support.

When I started to do something with my life.I stop watching movies and anime, trying to figure out what it takes to improve myself in every aspect. So I tried to improve my physique by working out and my mental,my way of thinking to approach this world by reading. When I started working out, my main goal is just to be able to do muscle-up,so I work my ass off to achieve it,and yeah,everyone is happy when they get what they wanted.What makes me happy is when I achieved my goals.

When I ride bicycle in the middle of the night feeling fresh air.

When I know how to ride a waveboard.

When I can play river flow in you with guitar.

When I can jog faster and longer than before.

When I go hiking and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.(do not spoil your moment by taking pictures)

When my parents bought me a PlayStation 4 when I got a nice grade for my final exam.

And also when my crush said that she likes me and treat me a cake.

Stop doing the same things over and over again, do something different,if you want to learn how to do backflip,then go to a gymnasium,now(or maybe youtube).If you want to have a nice body,then work it out.

For me, to be able to do something that I never do before is happiness.Find what makes you happy mate,and enjoy your life.

I feel happy when I sleep together with my mom and dad secondly I feel when I fight with my cousin for TV remote and dairy milk chocolate and thirdly I feel happy when I go for a picnic with my full family

Forthly I enjoyed helping the poor and needy people as that tears in my eyes and smile on my checks cannot be expressed. :)

Last not the least I used to run in my free leasure hours for 1 hour 15 minute it also brings smile on my face. And when I get a tight slap on my face after committing a mistake also bring smile on my face XD...just kidding

Happiness is a feeling one should respect others feelings and do not spoil anyones happiness.

Be the reason of someones smile. I believe that's life., :)

I don't think there should really be a reason to be happy. In this fast paced world people have started finding happiness. People have started objectifying happiness. It's like I will be happy if I get good marks in exam, I will be happy if I get a good job, I will be happy if a buy my own house and so on. Are you sure that u will be happy after fulfilling your wishes? One desire leads to another and that will lead to some more. There is no end to desires. If happiness is based on fulfilling desires, then never are we going to be truly happy. Happiness is without conditions. Be happy with whatever have and also be happy with what you don't have. There is a reason that you are being kept away from your desire. If we are happy with what we possess and what we do, thessatisfaction we get by that is more than anything and that is what is called happiness.

At 8:30 p.m,I was feeding my mother in bed she was sitting and not feeling well,my father was sitting next to her...

Few minutes later my mumma was faint she fell down in bed...she was not able to breathe properly I and dad got nervous as what to do..my elder sister was also there that day(she is married)she and my father then took her to the hospital ...as soon as the doctors saw the condition they said no for admitting her in hospital...this I came to know through a call that I made to my sis ...they ran to another hospital again same response was given:)I came to know again this by call and by that time I was completely broken I was crying to be with her I called my friend to accompany me because it was 11:00 by then.....when I reached, the doctor was having talk with my Di which says that they don't have any ICU vacant so you should take her somewhere else...

We then went to third hospital ,,that time we were in ambulance that feeling of being inside can never be expressed ,mum was in oxygen and once it happened for millisec that she really stopped breathing and then we cried as if everything was over.. But she got her senses when me my Di was calling ma ma...(yes this happened it may sound filmy but it is true)

We reached hospital near about 12:00am ,the ward attended us then doctor was called mumma was shifted to ICU from OPD....she was inside.. we were sitting ,crying and praying... No one came till morning ...I was called as I was only sitting there doctor said there are no signs to improvement but they are trying their best....2 day passed still she was in ICu but this time doctor said there are some improvements but  I didn't find any change ...she in ICu completely out of senses ..doctor asking from a mother that do u know she is your daughter... Ma was  half eyes opened trying hard to figure out her daughter but failed ....everyday went like same...waiting for doctor to give some good news...

Fast forward she after one week recovered and we went back and that was the time till now I was extremely happy:)

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