When have you felt most loved?

The most love I ever felt was in my fifties I met my high school sweetheart again.she was single I was single.we spent hours on the phone .she told me I was so smart so good looking.u name it.she was pretty .three months the love bombing happened.she said oh we should not see eAch other ok we should. Two times she did this.so/ u know this is hypnotising technique.good feeling bad feeling good feeling. My narc did it.i bet many do.then when u so in love.ur singing an feel like teenager it IT CRUMBLES if it's to good to be true it probably is.

What is the most difficult thing for which to ask?

Help/assistanceRemember folk, pride comes RT before your fall.There is NOTHING wrong with letting someone care for you.You are still independent and i love to cater to not as a means of low key pity or etc.I like to show my LOVE THROUGH ACTIONS MOSTLY.I GAVE MY ALL AND I NEED A S.O. THAT MIMICS MY EFFORT.even

In what way could South Korea conquer North Korea without any military means?

If the definition of "conquer without military means" is to remove the Kim regime and the Nomenklatura of North Korea (about 2-3 million) from power without force, the answer is probably none. It is entirely up to the North Korean people themselves.From the perspective of a member of the Kim family or elite class,

What are some good Peruvian films?

In my opinion some of the best Peruvian films are:Tupac Amaru (1984), directed by Federico García Hurtado and Enrique Almirante. It is a historical and biographical film about Tupac Amaru II, precursor of the independence of Peru.Días de Santiago (2004) by Josue Mendez, tells the