When is the best time to visit Egypt? Also what locations are the best?

Egypt is nice for vacations any time but best time to visit Egypt is spring and autumn. Tourists who would like to go on excursions and see more of Egypt prefer to travel in May and in September - October, when it is not too hot.

Those, who would love to come to Egypt to spend time at the seaside and swimming, should plan a trip to Egypt in October - November, when the water will be still warm.

The best time in my opinion is winter, the weather in Egypt during winter is refreshing and in some places it's warm.
I would advice you to visit Luxor/ Aswan as they are rich in historic monuments and the scenery is beautiful.
The overall atmosphere there is quite and friendly.

If you're willing to visit in summer, you should visit Sharm Al sheikh / Al Gouna /Al Sokhna / Hurgada. They are on red Sea and known for their beautiful beaches and mountains.
What would be the economic condition of India be if the British had not ruled India?

पंजाब बेचता गेंहू, गन्ना अवध नरेश।दक्षिण में मसाले, जो अंग्रेज़ न आते देश।

Were most ancient societies totalitarian?

The Mesopotamian culture and Sumerian cultures with it's kings may be some of the oldest. Cuniform writing is some of the oldest on the planet. There may have been older totalitarian societies, but we have no record of them. The oldest known human remains are found in the area that

Which country or city have you visited where you felt the most safe?

Beijing. By far.China has different laws and culture, obviously, than the western countries I've lived in or visited.As a woman, I can walk to the park or stores at night and not be fearful of an attack. Guns are not an issue here. After living in