When males wear shorts pants, do females look up their pants legs?

Not if they can help it!

I once copped an eyeful of my mate Bill's hairy bollock, when he had short shorts on, and for some reason he was also going commando. It was a picnic day with me, my husband, Bill, and my daughter who was a toddler at the time.

I was like "fucking hell, Bill! Why haven't you got any pants on?! Your bollocks are on full view!" ("pants" in England means "underpants").

It was quite funny really, but I'd rather not have seen my mate's bollocks, not in a public sculpture park whilst having a picnic, anyway! (Maybe in a Danish sauna, I'd be fine with that).

I am fine with nudity and have been to nudist beaches and stuff, but it took me by surprise and it wasn't really the right time or place, and was surprising for being out of context. Or something.

Ah I just remembered... there was also one time on a work night out where we were all pissed up, and my (male) workmate showed his knob to me and another lady workmate, down a back street. I think he'd been moaning about being small all evening, so he ended up showing us so we could understand his woe, and comiserate (consentual).

It must have been completely unremarkable, because my lady workmate can't even remember him having shown us his cock at all! It's really not worth making a big effort to try and see.

TL;DR - I don't particularly have an urge to see your dangly bits up your shorts leg, no. If you get your cock and balls out in an appropriate setting, that's fine, it won't make me look away - but I'm not going to stare either. There's a time and a place for looking at a man's cock, and it isn't by perving when they are dressed and going about their boring, routine business.

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