When you have a heart condition do you have to be extra careful not to exhaust yourself when you exercise?

Absolutely positive. With a heart condition, it is fundamental to do not overload the heart. Many people think that they have to just watch the top heart rate and that's it. The truth is more complicated.

The heart tiredness is accumulated with the length of the physical load. Even with not so high physical load when taken for prolonged periods of time it can lead to serious and sometimes fatal consequences.

Everyone with a diseased heart must carry out in his/her head the length and intensity of the physical load. Everything might seem ok but once the load is topped very dangerous situations can occur.

It might be surprising for many but the onset of serious heart problems is highly correlated with the start of the relaxation period after a physical load. Everyone must be aware of this fact and adjust life according to it.

The best way to avoid heart problems is to start slowly any physical load and especially SLOW DOWN SLOWLY AFTER PHYSICAL EXERCISES!

What is the single most thing that has made you successful in life?

The best thing I ever did to be successful is doing exercises daily when I was studying computer diploma in SAIT in Calgary.1996–1997 was the lowest point in my life. I did not know where to go and what to do next?

What are the most underpaid jobs?

Underpaid or Underappreciated?Well here is an answer to both.DISCLAIMER:- Only for those who watch Cricket.Here is a Bowler.See, it is so Underpaid that no one even gives it a standout marking.So, I start, here is a Bowler .No, he does neither go to bowl,

Why can't Ensure be sold in Vietnam or Mexico?

When my grandmother was nearing the end of her fight with cancer, I remember my mother buying Ensure Gold - the very best (or very best advertised) milk/supplement for grandma. That was fifteen years ago, in a much less open Vietnam.Nowadays, bottles of Ensure in ready-to-drink liquid form are sold