Where are Trump's policies going to take America in the next 5 years?

Hey there Sibteali,

In the next five years the US will be:

  • Economically stronger and more stable.
    • A place that finally has begun uplifting the poor and disadvantaged to new prosperity by
      • Education
      • Training
      • Meaningful jobs
      • Fair taxation
      • Strengthening families
      • Revitalization of their cultures
    • Supporting and growing the middle class
  • Government will have been reduced to a more efficient size
  • Foreign policy will continue to be based on stability and realism.
    • Israel will still be a prime ally
    • NATO and the other alliances will be strong
    • Iran and North Korea are no longer issues
  • The Judiciary will become more strict Constitutionalist as judges retire and are replaced
  • National Infrastructure refresh will be solidly underway
  • Science and Technology sectors will be flourishing
  • A very good place to invest and build businesses and factories.
    • Encourage foreign and domestic investment though a positive tax environment and other incentives
    • Level playing field for international trade
  • The immigration policy will be stable
    • Accepting those that can contribute needed skills; technical, scientific, and professional will be welcomed.
    • True refugees will be welcomed
  • Strongest military and militarily technology
  • Stronger manned space capability and presence
    • Civil space exploration
    • Government exploration
  • The political spectrum is still strongly Blue and Red.
    • They still fight and posture in public
    • They still make deals and move on in private
  • Liberals and Conservatives since argue about the role in government in daily life, with the independents in between.
  • Trump will still be irritating and aesthetically unpleasing to perhaps a 1/8 to 1/4 of the country.
    • He will still, amazingly enough, be getting the things he thinks of as important done.


PS. Oh, I almost forgot, the world still dislikes the US.

Even if Trump isn't impeached he will almost certainly be out of office in 3 years. And it is doubtful that he will be replaced by another Republican.

So be blunt in 5 years we will be halfway through the 1st term of our next Democratic President and hopefully recovering from the damage Trump will have done. Hopefully Democrats will control the House and Senate.

But we will start his/her 1st term dangling from a worse cliff than Bush's policies pushed us over. Major corporations are using their gift from Congressional Republicans to restructure, downsize, and export more jobs. And that gift is projected to increase the Federal deficit by $1.8 TRILLION.

So, hundreds of thousands of fewer jobs in just the next year. Continuing deteriorating of our infrastructure, and public education and other government programs.

Then there's Trump's deliberate attacks on people's trust in the government.

Overall I'm supportive of Trump, but I think the sudden positive shock he is bringing to the economy is likely to cause some irrational exuberance, cause some bad over-aggressive investments and could lead to a severe recession in 3–5 years. He's basically giving the economy a shot of heroine.

The Fed can and probably will raise interest rates some more. And that will give some future room for quantitative easing.

His most protectionist trade policies, job growth, could lead to significant inflation as well.

They won't be Trump's policies for more than another year to 18 months; Pence's policies are pretty much the same except Pence apparently only fantasizes about grabbing pussy (he insists on a chaperon when he's with a woman) and Pence is more familiar with government.

  • America will be less respected and less trusted
  • Productivity will decline if competition from free trade is suppressed
  • Trump's racism will deter good smart people from coming to the USA, also hurting our competitiveness
  • I wouldn't be surprised by a Trump wag the dog war as he desperately tries to stay in power.

If all goes well, we will have a steady economic field - but voters are going to need to decide they will not tolerate deficits derived from a refusal to accept tax revenues. The Constitution originally taxed ONLY the wealthy ... it worked for 100 years ... then the economy changed and the basis for taxes had to change ... and soon the rich learned they could buy their way out of taxes.

We need to return to the Constitution of old ... where the RICH pay taxes.

God help us if it's 5 yrs. I am thinking how will we survive the next 3 years before he has completely ruined our reputation globally, ruined our National Forests and Parks (all for more money, greed), our poor and middle classes, and the list goes on. The 1% will do just fine, but the trickle down theory doesn't and hasn't worked.

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