Where can I buy a high-quality Deadpool costume?

For Movie Deadpool 2, I have purchased Wade cosplay costume and accessories on XCOOS.com. There's also some discounts nowadays. My friends and I have already bought cosplay costumes on XCOOS - Tailor Made Cosplay Costume,Anime Cosplay Costumes for Sale - XCOOS for several times.

Why did Hillary Clinton formerly oppose gay marriage?

That was just the generic Democratic position for a couple of decades: to be for some LGBT rights such as anti-discrimination in employment and housing, as well as domestic partnership or civil unions, but not marriage. Some Democrats in liberal districts or states could afford to be more supportive,

How to get a six pack

That was literally what I typed into my google search bar about three years ago.The first thing that I clicked on was this video of a guy who told his viewers to do nothing but crunches until they see results. 13-year-old Kasen was shocked! :0

Is it bad to exercise (jog, run) after eating?

Only if you have eaten way too much and then you run/jog way too much. Eating and digesting requires an increased blood flow to your digestive system. Running/jogging requires an increased blood flow to your muscles. You only have so much blood. Something has to give. You could end up with bad abdominal cramps causing you the irresistible