Where can I find a personal fitness trainer in Dubai?

Finding a trainer can be found in the following ways:

  1. Recommendation through friend and family because these trainers tend to have some credibility and you will be able to get real reviews
  2. MYFITAPE, a health and fitness marketplace in the UAE. They help you find personal trainers in Dubai, yoga classes, martial arts and many other other classes - you can break it down through pricing, location and book around your schedule. Plus they have reviews of all trainers, fitness centres and business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & rest of the UAE.
  3. Social Media - you can do a simple search using the hashtags #personaltrainerdubai #dubaipersonaltrainer then you will find a list of trainers. Bear in mind that most trainers in Dubai do not seem what they seem to be and let me clarify. You will find a trainer with 13.k followers (which are bought mostly) and will charge you a higher fee because they showcase the illusion that they're popular - be careful. Quality trainers bring value and don't necessarily have the biggest followers which is why point (1) & (2) are great!

Is 21 the right age to get married in India?

If you are a boy, then a big NO.You are undergoing a transformation phase, you are learning new things, exploring new people and have immense to experience before you enter in the state of MARRIAGE. Most boys at 21 cannot bear the responsibilities of a father,

If Goddess SriDevi is Lakshmi, and Bhoodevi is the Goddess Earth, who is Goddess Padmavathi/Alamelu Manga?

The entire concept is confused.Mahalakshmi is Shridevi, Bhudevi and Niladevi. Bhudevi is the entire Creation, not the Earth alone. Prithvi is the Earth. That is given indirectly in Srimad Bhagavatham.Alamelu Manga is believed to be Bhu-Lakshmi, in Thirupati. Out of personal

Do you think it is appropriate for President Trump to serve Americans 'fast food' when they visit him at the White House? And, do you think he serves 'fast food' to foreign representatives (prime ministers, diplomats, etc) when they visit?

The Clemson football team said their favorite food was fast food. President Trump gave them what they said they likes. Usually, the teams honored by the President are not given a meal. The Clemson team said they enjoyed the fast food and ate it all.President Trump had a formal state dinner