Where can I get fast and unlimited internet when travelling?

My usual go-to is restaurants or bars with free wi-if. The best is hotel bars. Other places I've used while traveling is hotel lobbies- just ask the front desk, "what's the wi-if password in the lobby?" Then act like you belong there. Coffee shops, locally owned shops, bookstores, libraries, tourist information places like a chamber of commerce or a travel agency are good spots for Internet access for travelers.  Be polite and you will easily find a signal when needed!

Why do people dance?

There are so many reasons why people dance!1. When you dance, the muscles about whose existence you even haven't known, work.2. Your brain works. To connect one movement with another you should strain not only your butt.3. Develops memory. Remembering choreography is a whole art.4. Develops imagination. Especially when you freestyle or create

What are some tasty, unique cupcake recipes?

When talking about some unique and tasty cupcake recipes, Crazy Little Projects has lots of it. The site has the most popular 25 amazing cupcake recipes which you'll surely want to try. The cupcake recipes includes:Lemon Swirl CupcakesLemonade CupcakesCherry Coke CupcakesVanilla PumpkinNutella SwirlChocolate Caramel Coconut DelightAlmond Joy CupcakesStrawberry Lemonade CupcakesPeanut

How fast is a 50 Mbps internet download speed?

Quite Amazing.You see, people generally not aware of Mb rather they know what an MB is. Mb is megabit where as MB is Megabyte. 1 byte equals 8 bits, extending further, 1 MB equals 8 Mb. Now you know basic stuff.About the speed now. 50Mb per second (ps) translates to 6.25 MB per second. 6.25 MB is the size