Where do we get XII passing certificate?

Clearing class XII with good marks is great. Having a good score reflects your studious nature in the mark-sheets. Most of the time, your further studies depend upon the scores you get. After the declaration of results, nearly after a month, mark-sheets come to school. Students belonging to CBSE Board can collect their mark-sheets along with the passing certificate and migration certificate from their schools. Various schools receive the certificates at varied time. During admission time, if you haven't received your passing certificate, you can have an application duly signed with the principle of your school and submit it to the admission authority. Kindly be in touch with your school management for collecting the certificates.

If your school is affiliated to CBSE :

Class 12 passing certificates will be sent to your school from CBSE. Different schools receive it at different times. Make sure that you contact your school every 2-3 weeks to know if they have arrived or not. Many schools get it very late. I myself got my certificate after around 3 months of college.

If you are from CBSE board, you will get it from your own school. Generally, the schools receive the passing certificates of their students in the month of June or July. So, please get in touch with your school management for further information.

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No, it is not true. My Teaching Certificate certifies me to teach Spanish. In the past I was an instructor in the Air Force. I went to specialized classes for that but did not have a Teaching Certificate.The real truth behind all this that synonyms of teach are educate, instruct, school, tutor, coach, train; enlighten, illuminate,