Where do you see Outsourcing to India in next 10 years?

We enable outsourcing to India (and the Philippines) with http://Staff.com and are seeing some of these trends already.

1. Greater specializatino of outsourcing organizations
2. Moving up the value chain. Performing tasks that were previously not outsourced
3. Increased focus on quality and service
4. Increasing salaries, but that's not going to kill the industry as long as companies continue to improve the quality of their work
Recording studios retested in investment ideas and interesting places to explore
What do you see changing in the movie industry in the next 50 years?

The film industry content produced in any given year has a lot to do with what technologies have been developed at the time. Sound wasn't a common thing in movies until the "Jazz Singer" film came along in 1927. Color was prevalent in the 30s on film, but

Are Fiat cars reliable when well maintained?

How Car Brands Compare for ReliabilityLook at the very bottom of this chart. That is pretty typical of where Fiat reliability has been for many, many years and is the biggest reason that the US didn't have Fiat here for years.

How do teachers handle difficult high school students?

The most useful piece of advice given to me about teaching was to always find one thing I liked or could appreciate about every student. When I find it hard to remain calm with a student, I remind myself of that thing I like as