Where does Panama City's skyline rank among other cities in Latin America?

First place!

Latin America's 10 best skylines and their world rank:

  1. Panama City (Pan) - 17
  2. Sao Paulo (Bra) - 33
  3. Mexico City (Mex) - 42
  4. Buenos Aires (Arg) - 57
  5. Recife (Bra) - 79
  6. Rio de Janeiro (Bra) - 84
  7. Caracas (Ven) - 87
  8. Goiania (Bra) - 91
  9. Balneario Camboriu (Bra) - 108
  10. Bogota (Col) - 112
    Source: The World's Best Skylines

Panama City, Panama

I think it's among the best.  It has some of the highest buildings in Latin America, and the ocean in front to boot!

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