Where have you lived that you'd never live again?

I spent five and a half years in Honolulu for university. It was nice. For a teenager in the 1980s when I could live for about $4,000 per year, which meant tuition, room and board, health insurance, and all other expenses included (about what a student could make in one summer break working full time, or working part time year round).

I will never actually live in Honolulu now because of the US coastal level cost of living, yet with island employment opportunities and pay, and some of the nation's worst traffic. I've also outgrown my interest in being in a densely populated area or crowds thanks in part to 12 years in Japan.

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Where I live has the same problems, but at least there are a million fewer people and about 700,000 fewer cars on the roads. This:

In depression. It's located somewhere in the corner of my mind. I'm never going there again !

Blythe, CA.

Wilmington, NC. It's a very nice Southern city. Great historic residences and buildings. A nice, thriving downtown scene. But, sheezus, the six-month-long summer is SO freaking humid and hot: a veritable steam pot (can easily have to take 4 showers a day). Since it's not on the ocean (8 miles inland), it misses out on the cooling sea breezes that Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach get. But, that's just me - I don't like hot weather. If you are ok with sauna-like summers, you may like it.

Nicaragua. Even though it's one of the cheapest country I been to but it's not my cup of tea. Weather is too hot (hotter than Singapore), lack of transportation, slow internet connection, unappealing food choices, lack of places to visit etc. Now the politics is even getting more and more out of hand. So for me, never want to lived in Nicaragua again !

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Childhood !!!

What do tourists from other countries think of NYC after visiting?

I'm from a small town in Maryland - which is a foreign country compared to NYC - but I go to NYC a lot. I love New York and think that it gets a bad rap from those who think the people are unfriendly.New Yorkers generally are in a hurry- going somewhere and, except in certain

Is it still racism if one European country dislikes the people of another European country entering their country?

Most countries in Europe are members of the european union. One of the main pillars of the union is the peinciple of free movement. So that opinion you suggest is just called naive stupidity.

Which one is better and why, Black Sails or Vikings?

In terms of production value they are both quite good but Black Sails actually managed to keep a coherent story line going. Black Sails had four seasons which introduce and conclude a single story. Unlike Vikings it doesn't feel like plot lines or characters were tacked on.Season 4 of vikings had a lot of things which I