Where is the best place to learn to cook?

ICCA is one of the International Culinary and Cookery Training Institute located in Dubai. They provide various cookery & culinary courses such as Diploma in Professional Chef, Professional cake decorating courses, artisan bread making and pastry programs, cake baking courses, chocolate making programs, gelato making programs, ice cream making courses, icing and piping courses, patisserie programs, sugar flowers for cake decoration classes, sugar crafting programs and so on in an International standard level of training. They build your career to become a professional.

In a working kitchen.

I am a professional chef. I got started by working fast food, then grocery store deli work, then as a dish washer and prep cook in a nicer sit-down place. I learned a lot there. Then I got a gig cooking solo at a bar. The next step was find a nice place that used the brigade system.

If you are looking to get into the restaurant industry, find a place looking for a dish washer. Tell the owner/chef in the interview that you have abitions to move up the ranks and become a line cook. It's not for everyone. Actually, it's not for most people. It is hard work, little money and the worst hours for a social life. But, you will make some great friends and get really good at telling stories.

Start at home. If you want to learn how to cook for yourself, your friends, and family it's hard to do better than grabbing some pans and ingredients and just going for it. It can be really fun alone or with a partner and it's cheaper than a night at the movies.

You can learn the basics from a good cookbook. They aren't always just collections of recipes. Alton Brown wrote one called, "I'm Just Here For the Food" where he talks about the chemistry behind cooking. It's entertaining and informative. Better Homes and Gardens publishes a cookbook where the first chapter is "cooking basics." You can download it, here.

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Timothy, you do ask me tough questions...Actually I have little knowledge about music. I am an ignorant music consumer. Still I love enjoying them.So I checked my favorite list of music downloaded on my phone (because I even didn't know which one is defined ‘classical'/'pop'/'jazz' etc. I never learn them but randomly try music on line, and download the

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That is the holy grail which everyone seeks. But till date no such complete food has been invented or discovered that could keep you young, healthy and beautiful. Yes certain foods can delay your aging process and keep you generally healthy provided