Where is the best safest place to live for $1200 month in the US?

This is how I would think about your situation.

I use an idea of one third of my money for rent+utilities, one third for food, one third for everything else.

So you have $400 for rent, $400 for food, and $400 for everything else.

It will near impossible to find a safe place to rent for that money. However, you can find places where several people share a place. That may be your best (only?) option.

$400 for 30 days of food means you will have $13 a day to eat on, so do not expext to eat out much. Liquor and smoking are not affordable.

That leaves $400 for transportation, medicine, entertainment, and other miscellaneous things.

An alternative is to live overseas. I know people living well on that amount of money in Thailand and I believe it is possible in several latin american countries. Many places in southeast asia, central and south america would be nice. Be warned that moving overseas is very challenging for most people.

Good luck.

You can live anywhere you want to live, but will have to be creative if you don't want to work or take part in you're community. Have you ever looked at all of the camper vans and motor homes in the 24hourFitness parking lot?

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