Where is the hidden camera most often found?

My 1st answer on quora.

  1. They are often found in this places
  2. Mirror
  3. Hook
  4. Stabilizer
  5. Split a/c
  6. Bulb holder
  7. Wall sockets (3 pin. 2 pin, dth cable holes)
  8. Celling bulbs(decorative lights)
  9. Key chains
  10. Spy pens
  11. Shirt button cams
  12. Mobile charger adapter
  13. Wall clocks

Your mobile front cam is the most dangerous spy cam ever...

Be careful dont be a victim thick before you act

@cyber security analyst.(in future)

They can be anywhere. Commercially available ones can be Googled so you know what to look for but someone with rudimentary electronics knowledge can adapt them into anything.

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