Where was Captain Marvel in The Avengers?

Captain marvel was never in the avengers in the MCU.

Captain marvel movie releasing in march 2019 is a story that is rumored to happened in the 90s.There also will be Nick Fury in the movie and with both his eyes.

Skrulls , shape shifting creatures , will be the villains in this cosmic adventure.

This proves that the skrulls were in the mcu but we did not know about it.

I Think the real nick fury died and a skrull who felt the need to protect the earth shifted and transformed into a duplicate version of nick fury.

Nick Fury in the avengers is believed to be a human but may be a skrull who wanted to do good.This may be the reason why Nick Fury wanted to create a team ( The avengers) to protect the earth from possible threats, he feels that the earth may face.(that might be thanos)

Captain marvel may be

  • Frozen in some place similiar to captain america . but captain marvel may be frozen in some other planet.
  • She might be prisoned and her powers might be removed from her
  • She may have retired from being a hero for not having risks

But I think ( and is highly possible ) she might return in the avengers untitled sequel releasing in may 2019.

  1. She - during her movie - finds out she is very powerful; which the heads such as Kevin Feige has stated she will be the most powerful character in the MCU. She may feel at the end of her movie, that she's too powerful and needs to maybe:
    1. go to other galaxies to patrol/etc
    2. retire altogether for the sake of others
  2. Maybe her movie will feature the soul or other stone - and Fury recognizes the effects of this and contacts her because he knows she can handle it or had a history with it?

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