Where was Stan Lee's cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, or did I simply miss it?

Yes, Stan Lee did have a cameo in GotG.

On the planet Xandar when we first meet Rocket Racoon, you see him scanning the population with a pair of binoculars and making sarcastic comments

He notices Stan Lee who has his arm around the waist of a young woman. Rocket says ' Look at Mr Smiles over here, where's your wife old man! What a class A prevert'

So he did have a cameo just not a talking one.

He was one of the people Rocket was scanning when he and Groot were in the middle of the Xandarian city.

What are some unknown facts about the movie Lagaan?

1. Lagaan was the 1st movie produced by Aamir khan. He produced this movie with Aashutosh Gowarikar.2. Aamir was not familiar with the language used in this movie so he had to do a lot of hard work.3. Namrta Shirodkar, Amisha Patel, Nandhita Das were in the race of this movie but at last Greshi Singh

What makes life different?

Your perception(or you can say perspective) is what that can make a great difference in life.Your inner and outer world is totally depends on hows your perspective toward different things. If you will try to find a positive plus in every situation(though it is tough) then it will take you

Who is going to die in Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man or Captain America?

1.Tony Stark, Rhodes, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, Nebula...2.People who not participated in Infinity War Hawk Eye, Ant manExcept the above listEvery body die.