Which Asian country has the biggest entertainment industry?

Well, I can't really pick one country, but if I had to pick one I'd say is Korea is currently winning in entertainment industry, Japan used to be the number one, and China presents huge potential.

Korea has shown an amazing growth in pretty much every component of entertainment industry -  K-pop, movie, games, K-drama etc. They are not only popular domestically, but also internationally Korean entertainment personnel and products are becoming highly recognized. Many Korean singers/groups have built a huge fan base in East and South Asia, with, of course, Psy leading in North American market. And korean movies have recently won a few international awards and many are being re-maked by Hollywood (Stoker, starring Nicole Kidman, as an example). Also, Korean game industry is multi-billion dollar industry that continues to expand in Asia/North American market. In fact, last year Korean game industry's profit outside of Korea was more than all of Korean media content industry's profit outside of Korea COMBINED. So clearly, South Korean entertainment industry is doing extremely well globally.

But you cannot discount Japan. Purely in terms of marketsize, Japan's ent industry, consisting of J-pop, anime, movie etc, is far bigger than Korea's entertainment industry. But its growth has been somewhat stagnant.

And China, as is if often the case, also presents a big threat to any industry.. but so far its entertainment industry has been essentially non-existent.. maybe excluding Jackie Chan. But again, its potential is huge.

Also, you cannot neglect India - its Bollywood market is huge. And considering the fact that its market size the country's population continue to grow, I think India's entertainment industry is comparable to that of China, Japan and Korea.
India, by far. It's entertainment industry began during the silent era, and since then, the country's output has been prolific.The Bollywood hindi film industry churns out more than a 1000 films annually. In addition, the regional language industry is equally strong. From gujarati and marathi languages in the west to bangla and assamese in the east;from punjabi and bhojpuri in the north to the southern entertainment industries (tamil, telugu, kannada and malayalam), the reach and popularity of regionally produced films rival bollywood. Constant movement of artistes across different cinematic fora only perpetuates sharing of ideas and knowhow.
The biggest bollywood and southern stars are among the highest paid actors and icons in the world. Cinema is religion in the country.
The tv industry is another multi-billion dollar business. Outside the US, the biggest consumer base for american films and tv productions are in india. India's huge middle-class of 400 million people, most of whom also speak english, are an imperative for any production house worth the name.
India is one of only a handful of countries where hollywood hasn't been able to dominate the market simply because the country's domestic industry is based on sound foundations and its output far outnumbers what hollywood produces in a year.

Talking of entertainment industry, film industry plays a major role. No doubt China and India are the dominant one followed by Japan. Who does not like Chinese martial arts based film and Bollywood is largest film industry with humanitarian sometimes strange films (and I still can't understand how on earth can the heroines wake up with perfect make up in the film?!?!).

Now let's talk about sports industry! China and Japan are certainly on the top but let's not forget about kabadii and India's dominant role in cricket and the growing popularity of IPL, HISL, Kabadii..........

Who can neglect Japan's anime and gaming sector. No other country in Asia is even close to Japan. Japan surely rules this one.

Conclusion (you already know it) although there are other blooming industry in South Korea, Indonesia, etc. China, India and Japan have the biggest entertainment industry in Asia. Peace!!!

biggest? probably India... they produce SOOOO many movies

about trendiness, Korea is definitely the most trendy on the international scale right now.

Japan holds lots of niche market such as anime and adult entertainment

China which includes HK now, traditionally had the eastern entertainment market with HK films. today many US movies are co-produced with China so actually if you include those, China is quite large, but kind of discrete.

I have an answer for this thread on my blog XD it is too long. You can check my blog for explanation. In the mean time, this is my ranking:

  1. INDIA
  2. CHINA
  4. JAPAN
  8. TAIWAN*



here is my blog entry for reading further about the topic

Which Asian Country Has the Biggest Entertainment Industry?

There are 4 countries that come to my mind for this question:

China: Martial Arts movies, Chinese Dramas, Chinese Anime's, TV shows (game shows).

India: Bollywood, Regional film industries Tollywood Kollywood etc etc, Indian Dramas, Even joint production Anime (with Japan), Kids cartoon, TV shows (Comedy shows).

Japan: Japanese Anime (most famous), J-pop, Japanese films, TV shows (game shows).

South Korea: K-pop (most famous), Korean films, Korean Drama's (very popular), Korean Anime.

I have listed the 4 largest in Asia but choosing from them is tricky as you haven't specified by which metric we should judge them on such as absolute size or how much is earned, China and India obviously have the largest markets followed by Japan and South Korea.

South Korea's K-pop is very popular in East Asia while gaining quick ground in India, Japanese Anime is famous the world over not just in Asia while China, Korea and even India are making inroads into this industry, Chinese martial arts movies are famous the world over not just in Asia and they are starting to make different kind of movies which they are not good at, India produces the most movies in the world not just in Asia they also have competing regional film industries which are very good (did you know that the gem of a movie Bahubali was not made in Bollywood but actually from one of the regional film industries?).

One other country I would like to mention is Indonesia which will have prominent place among this list given their rapid growth and huge consumer base, I predict they could turn out like a little version of India when it comes to the entertainment industry.

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