Which Avenger do you think will have the honor to kill Thanos in Avengers 4?

Now after Avengers Infinity War movie-

Personally I think it should be Tony Stark. All other characters aside that guy should be the one to kill him. Tony Stark was what at the beginning of the MCU? We all know "Genius, Billionaire, Playboy and a Philanthropist." But what has he become today. He is a father like figure to Spider-Man. A great mentor and personally I feel he is a very caring human being. When I first saw Iron Man(2008) and when I saw Avengers Infinity War(2018) the most developed character that I saw in that movie was no other than Tony. I mean yeah Thor lost everybody, Cap got reunited with Bucky and even lost his shield. Thor lost Mjolnir and practically everyone that he ever knew best but look at Tony Stark. That guy had practically nothing except his knowledge when the MCU began. C'mon guys he was "The One Who Started It All.

In 2012, The Avengers faced off the Chitauri invasion in New York and they went their separate ways. But we forgot one thing. Who was the one affected by it the most. Cap and Thor were busy with their own issues and walked away from that war like it was nothing but Tony was petrified at the thought that someday the aliens will come and what will happen if he fails to stop them. He knew that if he failed the blood of the whole world would be on his own hands.

He was sleepless for months.

Why do rockets and space shuttles fly vertically into space, rather than climbing diagonally like airplanes?

I'm assuming by "diagonally like airplanes", you mean rising relatively slowly while traveling roughly parallel to the ground. (Before we begin, if you want to build an intuitive understanding of these concepts and have fun doing it, I urge you to play

Why does Magnus Carlsen think computers are boring to play chess against?

Because they are!Chess is all about the struggle between human minds. That's what makes it exciting.Computer chess is mechanical, dry and bland. The moves are very strong, of course, but there is no style. If you try to play against a chess computer, not only will you lose with a very high certainty,

What scenes in Furious 7 were filmed with Caleb and Cody standing in for their late brother Paul Walker?

Paul Filmed 85 Percent of the filmScenes that were 100 percent with Paul:- Minivan scene dropping off Jack at the school- Han's Funeral- The Crew Assembling at the army base- The crew meeting at the army base before