Which European country is the most mountainous?

Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, atleast in the top 3. Greece consists of 80% mountains and what is even more important is that 20% of Europe's Ultra peak mountains lies in Greece.
Ultra peak mountains are mountains that rise more than 1500 meters above the lowest surrounding region.

Map of Europe's Ulta peak mountains

Probably Andorra.

The country's a mere 468 sq km and entirely covered by high mountains and narrow valleys. The country's highest point is 2942 meters and the average elevation is 1996 meters. That's quite high, man.

Its tiny territory is straddled in the Pyrenees mountain range on the border of France and Spain.

What is the difference between life in the US and Canada?

Having lived for many years on both sides of the border, I'd say that, by and large, Americans are brasher, while Canadians are more quietly self-assured. You have to remember: in the US, they're loaded down with that

Have you ever felt unsafe while you were traveling in Japan?

In Japan???When I was living Japan, I felt safer living and travelling there than in Hong Kong (where I am today).And Hong Kong is one helluva safe place already.

What do most Chinese do in Africa?

I live in a really small town called Hluhluwe. It's basically just one street with all the stores and most services one after the other.There are at least 2 Chinese-owned furniture stores that also seem to be owned by the same family. These stores sell electronics and clothes amongst other things