Which Marvel superhero is most realistic?

Which Marvel superhero is most realistic?

I think James Rhodes is. Of course, without the suit. Since he didn't design or build the suit (Tony without the Iron Man suit counts as a superhero because he "designed and builds the suits, and pays for everything, and makes everyone look cooler." I think that is fairly super.)

Rhodey is a decorated combat vet, and has served the country in the military with honor. He earned the respect of Tony Stark, who chose him to be "War Machine."

Sam Wilson is also a distinguished military man, so I put him in the same category.

If a real-life Tony Stark existed, I would put the suit in the hands of soldiers who know what they're doing, like Rhodes and Sam. Why Stark thinks he can operate a weapon of war better than anyone else is kind of a plot hole in the MCU. In the movies, there was international uproar over the destruction the Avengers caused was because there was no oversight. If this were real life, Stark would be arrested by creating and operating a device that is a lethal flying machine in commercial airspace. You can't operate a drone without a license, let alone a suit with repulsor rays and bullets.

There may be geniuses and wealthy weapons manufacturers IRL, but the true heros we have are the military men and women who have served in combat. They know first hand the results of flying weapons.

Is it bad to keep on lifting when your biceps start to feel tight?

Not really. As long is it is just the regular post workout tight and you can extend your arm to the fullest in one fluid motion.you should know the feeling of a regular muscle soreness. And if you use a short split like not having off days you will mostly always have sore muscles when you lift again.

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Yoga comes with utmost benefits and yoga is a wonderful weight loss alternative if you want to lose weight.The sun salutation help in the smooth running of digestive system.The yoga asanas for weight loss, in the form of the Suryanamaskars or sun salutations,

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Find out reason or cause of stress and tension then work to eliminate those reason. When you address the roots of stressing points, there will be no stress.If we knows the sequence of building tension in mind, how it is born in the mind as frustration, irritations, then slowly convert into