Which TV show would you alter your schedule not to miss?

Which TV show would you alter your schedule not to miss?

Since I first began using video recorders back in 1979, I very quickly learned the value of time-shifting" scheduling my VCR to record the entirety of a television program, then watching it at a later time so I could scan through or fast forward through the commercials, generally allowing me to watch a 60 minute program in about 45 minutes. Given my eagerness to learn how to use each new recording device, either video recorder, or digital video recorder, I have almost never altered my schedule to not miss, because every television program is better when I can skip the commercials.

Why do humans empathize with one animal species over another?

People tend to anthropomorphize pets and other domestic animals more. As one feels the animal is somewhat human, one empathizes with it more. Other factors are children's stories and how much it can be seen to look or act human.

Does all earth life need oxygen to survive?

No. There was life before oxygen - plants. They need carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. For plants, oxygen is a waste gas. Billions of years ago, plants (technically stromatolites) poisoned the air with their waste gas. The oxygen infused the seas, causing suspended iron to rust and

If there's no evidence that black magic exists, why do people believe in it?

People believe in things for any number of reasons. Belief in magic, for example, is generally accepted as real by unsophisticated, poorly educated people who do not have, or do not take advantage of, research materials or do not want to do the work themselves. They take it on faith, rightly or wrongly, that some one they