Which activities in daily life are a waste of time?

Activity 1: Not having an "idea"
Not having an idea for your day, month or year can cause you to misuse lots of time.  Why?  Because you will most likely attempt too many task and get very little done; the key is to focus your days, months and or years exclusively on your priorities.
The Lion Tamer at the circus uses a handgun, a whisk, and a chair to power the lion.  The chair is said to be the most proficient at controlling the lion.
Why a chair?
The foot of a chair has four legs, and when pointed in the direction of the lion, the lion becomes unsure as to which leg to focus its attention on, and thereby loses its train of thought.
Don't be like the lion, with so many things to focus on that you get off track; while nothing gets accomplished.
Maybe you want to take a day and focus on organizing your house, or take a year and focus first and foremost on getting in shape or creating a prosperous mind, but keep your focus single.  You will achieve more when you have singleness of purpose.
Activity 2: Talking on the phone at "Inopportune Times"
I have precise times that I will answer my phone, if someone calls outside of those hours, I will return their call when it's most suitable for me.  You can waste a lot of precious time just "shooting the breeze" at inconvenient times.
There's nothing wrong with "chatting on the phone," as long as it doesn't clash with your other priorities.  It's important to preserve the times when you are most productive, and dedicate those hours to producing your best results uninterrupted.
Don't become the victim of someone else's boredom or monotony.  In other words, when someone has an hour to kill, don't let them kill your hour too.  Take control of your telephone time, and it will help you take control of your day.
Activity 3: Watching the News
How many people spend hours a day watching the news, or reading about the news on the Internet?  A lot.
Why should you avoid watching the news?
It steals your time from doing more significant things; things that will actually improve your life and make you feel good about yourself (such as working out, bonding with your spouse, or making strides towards achieving your personal and professional goals).
Unless your job requires it, there's no real need to know about all of the murders that are taking place, not to mention every single theft...it is an bizarre waste of time.
While they are telling you about all the murders, they are murdering your time and killing your productivity.
I once heard a comedian say (something to the affect of) instead of showing the news, they should just flash, "Things Are Getting Worse!!!" across the screen.
Now, I don't believe things are getting worse, I believe things are getting better (society is evolving for the better, no matter what the stock market says).  However, the image that the media portrays is that things are getting much worse, and really fast.
I don't want to fill my mind with such junk.  I would rather choose to focus on the good, thereby increasing the good in my own life.
Now, I'm not telling that you become a hermit, and find a rock to hide under. It's OK to tune in every now and then, or as I do, get my news from the Internet because I can click and choose what enters my mind.  I don't want to be bombarded with the negativity from the media (I usually give myself a time limit, such as 5-10 minutes).
What if Something Imperative Happens and I Miss It
Don't be anxious that you are going to miss the next great tragedy if you're not tuned in.  If something big happens, you'll find out about it, trust me.
A majority of the time there is practically nothing you can do with the bad news from the media, except to become more scared, lowering your consciousness and the collective realization of the entire population; increasing the chance of this negativity re-occurring.  This is a huge waste of time; you should take this precious time and do something that enhances your life.
The Solution
For some, watching the news (or surfing the web for the news) is just a daily habit.  Try replacing that habit with reading a good book or a positive blog.
Instead of taking in bad news, take in some positive news, because you are the summation of the information you take in. 
A2A by Shubham Shukla
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