Which among these countries is the best to live? Canada, USA or Australia? Why?

I will put my two bob in. I am Australian and live in Australia now. I have travelled and visited the United States and Canada. I make my observations therefrom educated by my encounters with natives of the countries through my travels and living overseas in places like Japan and issues that keep getting raised. The biggest card in the draw is the United States. A country about the size of Australia with a population about 13 - 15 times the size. In the United States, as a function of population, a lot of things are cheaper. There are a few iconic cities that have a distinct character like San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas or New York etc that might appeal to different people. The quality of housing varies from state to state. I noted ‘stucco' was a common variety in LA. That horrified me. As a function of population and the way Americans go about things, it is a consumerist society. Cash is being paid all the time, usually in the form of taxes of various types like Federal and State and Local taxes added on top of the selling price for items. Then there is the tips. To live in the United States one has to make a lot of money to survive, to have a decent standard of living. In the United States, as a function of population, there seems to be more things to do, but finding out where to go and what to do requires local knowledge. People are friendly, but it is a different form of friendliness to what is experienced in the other two countries. People seem to be forward and friendly. Advice is offered all the time about how to fit into America and that can be a bit irritating. Some Americans are over the top with arrogance, but the vast majority seem humble-enough. That friendliness seems to be superficial and wears thin quickly as if they have lost interest. Perhaps that is American culture. The big fear is the American gun-psychosis, though. Americans have no qualms about bearing guns and rationalise everything in connection with death by gun away blaming something else. They become very emotive about their guns, defending the right to bears arms, and cannot see reason. There are lots of exceptions, but that usually ends up simply being lip-service. Next, is the lack of universal healthcare. I have heard shocking stories about people who have had to skip operations required to improve their quality of life simply because they could not afford the cost of the operation. While in America, people with good jobs get paid well, that pay is to offset a lot of the services provided in Australia and Canada free of charge. Lots of Americans miss out and do not have good jobs and cannot get access to that higher quality lifestyle. Canada like Australia has connections to the Crown, the British legal system, and system of government inherited therefrom being former colonies. The benefits that these systems have wrought as the countries have evolved since becoming separate countries are quite manifest. People in neither of the two countries has the same pre-disposition to bearing arms as in the United States and as a consequence the number of fatalities killed by gun is vastly reduced by comparison. The sense of fear evoked in the United States with its gun-psychosis is absent in those two countries. Also, access to universal health care lifts the quality of life in both those countries with easy access to healthcare if required at no or negligible cost. They are great advantages both countries have over the United States. Canada is bigger than Australia, but like Australia, vast swathes of the country are for the most part unliveable either because of the ice and cold and tundra or the heat and desert. Their smaller populations by comparison to the United States make occupation of the warmer, greener parts of the countries the places of choice. Australia is the warmer country of the two, but in the southern states of Australia, there might be some similarity to life in Canada, minus the snow. If you like skiing, Canada wins hands down. If you like beaches, Australia wins hands down. Personally, I think that Sydney Harbour has little by the way of comparison in the other two countries and - apart form Victoria on Vancouver Island - or maybe San Francisco Bay or Miami, there is nothing I noted that is of the same beauty and of such a magnitude about which a city is built. I came back to Australia from my travels and living overseas well aware after returning that the quality of life in Australia is second to none and living in Australia is my first choice.

How effective are short workouts multiple times a day?

Depending on your goals, if it is to lose weight, I would say it can be effective - provided your workouts are really that intense.Ever heard of TV adverts workout? It is where you start working out when the advertisements comes on