Which app is the best life hack app?

1. EasilyDo Smart Assistant: An App for Just About Everything

Rating: 4/5 (3848 reviews)

While we may all need a personal assistant from time to time, this is a financial burden too much for most of us to bear. Thanks to the wonderful world of mobile apps, however, Android users can now access the next best thing with the Easilydo Smart Assistant. Created by EasilyDo Inc., this multipurpose app enables users to access a fully functioning personal assistant service, which allows them to do everything from monitor important work emails to receive birthday notifications and real time adverse weather warnings. If you struggle to balance your personal and professional lives, this application will at least help to ease the burden of a hectic schedule.

If you eat healthy do you still need to exercise?

Ideally. Even if it is just moderate exercise - walking for example. Exercise is proven to improve health and improve your mind. Some of the worlds greatest thinkers attributed much of their discoveries to walking. If you are not sure about what exercises to do a good personal trainer can help, or

Is Shri Rahul Gandhi underrated?

I admire Rahul Gandhi and I believe he is underrated as a living being( definitely not as a politician). Just read and tell me where I went wrong.Q: Why we hate him?A: We hate the lucky ones​, if we are not the one. How such a dumbass

What is one thing that everyone should know before they get married but few know?

If you are a man, the odds are, your wife will divorce you for no reason whatsoever.  She will just get bored one day, and on a whim, she will destroy the family, damage your children, and ruin you.  She will do this usually at exactly the point that you are finally