Which apps are must haves?

Hi. I would like to suggest you some tools that really suitable to startup regarding different task in office/ business. My office is using all this tools even growing bigger & bigger. All those software are really very productivity.

  1. Task management: Trello
  2. Communication tool: http://Slack.com
  3. Office & HR system: EasyWork - Complete Company & HR System Mobile App
  4. Sales management tools: CRM.COM Subscription Management, Billing and Conditional Cashback Rewards
  5. Designer tools: Photoshop Inspiration, Photoshop Information
  6. Social media platform for marketing: Facebook Log In or Sign Up , Log In or Sign Up , Twitter. It's what's happening., Instagram , http://wechat.cn
  7. Task doing: Microsoft - Official Home Page , The digital note-taking app for your devices
  8. Webhosting & Cloud services: Web Hosting, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting | Exabytes.com
  9. Developer task management: Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian

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