Which are the best hacking apps for unrooted Android phones?

I guess you are looking for an app that could be used to hack unrooted devices; and if it is so, I think I can help you with that.

First, I want you to know that there is no such app that can just remotely hack into others' Android phone, be it rooted or unrooted. This kind of technology is not available commercially, so you might want to contact NSA for that.

Second, you might want to get acquainted with what's available at your disposal. There are different, in fact, hundreds of mobile spy apps that you can try. To use them you would be required to have a physical access to the target device. This would mean having a one-time access to the Android phone that you want to spy on. It's not a very intricate process actually and before I tell you some tricks on "how to can ask for someone's phone to install this app", read the following:

Third, get a hacking app. Note that if you have been thinking of hacking into someone's device, and if you want to do that without rooting it, you have to be very careful not to put your money into some app that doesn't offer this convenience. And if you are feeling too groggy to look for an app on your own, you can try this XNSPY. It's cheap and affordable way to hack into any Android device (but before you subscribe, don't forget to check if the target device is compatible with the app)

Fourth, download the app onto the target Android device. If you are using the aforementioned app, this could be done simply by using the download URL that will be provided to you in your email upon successfully subscribing. Simply paste that URL onto the target Android phone or tablet's web browser to initiate the download.

Fifth, if you want to keep it discrete, don't forget to activate the stealth mode. This would then completely wipe out the apps' existence on the target Android device. There won't be any shortcuts left on the device, nor will anyone be able to see the app in the "installed apps" list. I have been using xnspy on my son's phone and it's totally up to me if

I want to root his cell phone or not. Rooting would give me access to more features, but no thanks, I don't really need tons of features.

Lastly, I would like to add that mobile apps are the easiest way to achieve what you want, i.e. to hack an Android device. Here are a few ways you can ask someone about their phone:

· "Hey can I make a call?" [Keep the download URL with you and copy into the browser and make a call. Make sure that the target device is connected to a Wi-Fi network to keep the downloading once you make the call].

· "My phone's dead, shit! I need to text my mom so badly; can I borrow your phone" [Copy the download browser onto the device to initiate and start typing a text. Don't forget to send the text]

· Apps like xnspy only take a few minutes to download, if there is no password on the target device, just a few-minutes access is that you need to download to this app.

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