Which are the most visited destinations in Kerala?

Kerala, a surreal destination where the morning brings in the mist and magic. Fondly called the "God's Own Country", this is the place where the backwaters hold everyone captive with their alluring silence. Yes, it's the Spice Capital of India' where the evening wishes adieu with some of the enchanting melodies played by Mother Nature. Yes, such is the beauty and appeal of Kerala! Let lose the wanderlust in you and plan a trip to this prismatic land; there are an array of places to visit in Kerala. Make sure you make it to all these destinations and curate some of the most pleasing memories out of your trip. And in case, you are finding it tough to decide the destinations to cover, here is a sorted list of tourist places that will fill your travelogue with fun, frolic and excitement.

1. Marari

Marari Beach just 2 kilometres away from Alleppey which is famous for the best backwaters in Kerala, so it's easy to combine a backwater cruise with a beach stay and see the two best sides of Kerala. Mararai is not much crowded like Kovalam and Varkala and is a long, undeveloped stretch of white sand bordered by palm trees and sleepy fishing villages. You can see the boats lined everywhere the outline and might conjointly watch fishermen reaching to the seas to catch daily fish in the dawn. Marari has a number of the most effective beach resorts in Kerala that are either beside the beach or simply walking distance away.

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