Which are the shortest possible ways to reduce belly fat and getting overall lean but fit body?

First of all congratulations on for choosing to get back into shape again . But you need to be persistent with your efforts otherwise you would not see any great results. This is not going to be as easy for at least the first month.. but i hope you have what it takes to get back in shape.

All the exercises in the world and training under the best coaches in the world, would not make a slightest difference to your physique if you are not focusing on your nutrition, Especially when it comes to weight loss Nutrition is certainly 90% rest 10% is external stimuli in the form of physical exercise.

There is a general guideline which pretty much involves to most of trainees


· TDEE Calculator: Learn Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure use this to calculate your calorie requirements. You caloric requirements changes as your weight changes.

· Ideal Weight Calculator This will give you a good reference on how much you should weigh and target that weight.

· Write down for a whole week every single meal and count their calories Food Nutrition Data for Healthy Eating Choices

· Now compare those calories with the required calories you have calculated from the formula above.

· If you want to gain weight then you should eat 250–500 Calories more than the Total Daily Energy Expenditure calculated above, to lose weight eat 250–500 Calories less.

· Once you have worked that out, now you know how much you should eat. Stop counting calories and focus on portion size and clean healthy eating.

· Weight monitoring and body fat monitoring Body Fat Calculator is very essential for a successful body transformation.

· Eat at least 1.5 gm protein to your body weight in KG, So if you weigh 70 KG you should consume at least 1.5 X 70 ~105 gm of protein everyday. As your weight increases/decreases your protein requirement will increase/decreases as well along-with your caloric needs.

· Try to get proteins from real food sources like meats, dairy, nuts, beans etc. Don't over indulge in supplements. For you I would recommend a multi vitamin pill once a day.

· Eat Plenty of fresh vegetables and Good carbohydrates.

· Eat sufficient amount of Fat, best sources of fats are nuts (Almond, Walnut, peanuts etc.) Avocado is a great source of fat as well.

· Avoid Sugar as much as possible. The maximum recommended amount of sugar is 35 gm per day for an adult male.

. Avoid eating processed food items likes Bread, table sugar, cake, pastry, breakfast cereals, pizza , burger, chips etc at all cost.

· A good weight gain/loss reference is 1 lb per week. PS: Body weights fluctuate because of your water weight, glycogen level, food you are eating etc. so keep them in mind.


· Join your local health club, it doesn't have to be fancy. A good health club will have at least a Squat Rack and a place to dead lift.

· Get a trainer and ask him you want to learn the big three exercises SQUAT, DEADLIFTS, BENCH PRESS with perfect form.

· Incorporate these Big three exercises in your workout, Perhaps you can add pull ups as well. Your rest of the exercises should be around these main exercises.

· For first few months your focus should entirely be on technique. Leave your Ego at home once you come to strength Training. For Fantastic long Lasting results an injury free body is a must

· Once you have perfected technique you can gradually start increasing weights every session ( its called progressive overload) It is best for getting stronger and putting on muscle mass specially for a novice trainers.

· I wouldn't recommend you to lift more than 3 times a week , alternate days Starting Strength Training Programs is a good program to start with there are few more programs like

My Top 10 Lifting Routines

StrongLifts 5x5: The Simplest Workout To Get Stronger

· You must focus on compound lifts only. This will get you the fastest and most efficient result

On alternate days do a low/moderate intensity cardio (walking on trademill at 7km/hr speed etc.) So lets say if you are weigh training Monday, wednesday or friday do cardio on Tuesday, thursday and saturday. HAVE SUNDAY (OR ONE DAY)OFF DURING THE WEEK FROM ALL PHYSICAL EXERCISES TO RECOVER


· Sleep at least 7–8 hours everyday

· Go out in fresh air and look at how beautiful the trees are, how beautiful is bird's chirp, what I mean is go outdoors and spend some time in fresh air and sun.

· Manage Stress, I know everyone has stress so its all about managing stress and that way keeping control of your hormones. Meditation is a great way of managing stress.

· Avoid alcohol, MUST NOT SMOKE.

· Be happy and keep smiling


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