Which are the top 10 countries visited by Indians?

Hi, here are some destinations abroad frequented by Indians , I have also listed reasons in the bracket for the same :

  • Singapore : ( Proximity , Awesome Shopping Destinations and Great Night Life and Business)
  • UAE ( Business , Shopping and Viewing Solid Luxury Status)
  • UK ( Student Attraction, Also, Gateway to W.Europe)
  • USA ( Students, Business and Leisure, I think us Indians have special dreams for this vacay, more like a staycay with our cousins)
  • Thailand ( Women for Shopping and Men for Masage)
  • Malaysia ( SE Asia, Next to Singapore, Twin Towers and Pagoda)
  • Bali ( Honeymooners )
  • Mauritius ( No Visa Troubles and Couple Time)
  • Maldives ( Leisure Travel)
  • Australia ( Students & Leisure)

So, the data for the answer has been collected from secondary resources and has some proportion of bias from my personal end ( friends and family).

Secondary Resource :

Most Visited Countries By Indians

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