Which are the top self drive car services in India?

While there are several ways to get around your city, nothing beats having your own set of wheels. However, the worries of maintenance, parking and even the fear of rash drivers on the streets are always present when taking your own car out. As such, car rental services have found the perfect middle path, offering all the benefits of owning a car without the hassles of one.

Services such as Revv, Zoomcar and Let Me Ride are very popular across the country. Revv will deliver your chosen car to your doorstep and pick it up from anywhere in the same city, eliminating the need to return to the drop-off point. Without a distance limit, you won't need to worry about how much you drive.

In the stressful to and fro of modern life, travelling is often seen as a wonderful way of unwinding and relaxing. Visiting new places and experiencing exotic things is seen as a way of rejuvenating oneself. Using public modes of transport can seem quite challenging and limiting in a city where one has no knowledge of either the geography of the place or even the language. Using taxis or hired vehicles can be quite expensive. With facilities like Google maps and GPRS navigating a city on one's own can be rewarding and quite easy.

Many people visit Gurgaon on both business and pleasure because of its close proximity to the nation's capital. It is also one of the biggest business districts within the country. There are many operators who offer self drive car rentals in Gurgaon. They offer a range of cars both on hourly as well as daily basis so the user can choose the scheme which best suits him or her. For visitors it gives them the opportunity to drive a car that they are comfortable in and explore both Gurgaon and Delhi at their own pace.

if you have meant self drive rental cars ,then here is my answer

zoom cars is one of the best self drive rental car service in india. You can rent cars in major cities like bangalore hyderabad etc with out secui deposit though they say it is limited offer but most of the times you can avail it. The only problem with zoom cars is they dont maintain their cars. Most of them will be in terrible condition . Among all the rental services somehow i felt that zoomcars is pocket friendly.

next one revv

If you are willing to spent a little more money , i would say go for revv as their cars are well maintained and after trip before they hand over the car to next costumer car will be cleaned both exteriorly and interiorly. You need to bare the fuel charges and you dont have to pay for kilometers (unlimited kms) .youll be given with full tank and they expect the same when you return it

The other one is myles which is not more popular and I personally never used it

From my personal experience, I would recommend Autoriders International Ltd. They offer self-drive, chauffeur-driven, and even airport transport services in India. You can choose from a wide range of cars that are available in all the major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. If you opt for self-drive car rental services, then you can travel anywhere in India as their cars have All India Permit. Their drivers are experienced, licensed, and well trained to drive every car in their collection, and therefore you need not worry about your own safety or that of your near and dear ones, as Autoriders International Ltd would take care of it. In the event of an accident or car breakdown, you can call their team any hour or any day for help. No matter where you are, they will quickly send their team to your your location and have you driven back safely. The best part is that unlike many car rental services, they have no hidden fees and their rates are reasonable, too.

Best bike and car rental in Guwahati

Awe Rides wins hands down when it comes to bike and car rental services from Guwahati.

Let me tell you why:

- Zoom car and Myles either not present or too expensive

- They also charge large extra fees for pick up and drops

- Local rentals are not reliable especially if you are going out of town

- Zoomcar and others have just too much paperwork!

- Awerides has not just good pricing but their staff also goes out of their way to make your experience delighful

- They have the widest range of bikes available, including the latest Royal Enfield Himalayan

The top one I would suggest is Carzonrent because they don't have limitations on Kms. I have used the services couple of times. The cars were in a good state. Infact less then 10000km run. They have more options and plans according to your needs.
Zoomcar also does the same but the limited kms is just not we look for when we book a self drive car.
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