Which body part catches fire the easiest?

your hair.

Hair is keratin which is composed of approximately 51% carbon, 21% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen, and 5% sulfur.

When some heat is applied then the chemical bonds which hold those elements in their place in complex molecules, start to break down, and new,
simpler rearrangements are made.

The carbon combines with oxygen to produce CO2, The oxygen in the hair assists the burning, the nitrogen gets converted to Nitrogen oxides and the sulfur combines with oxygen to produce sulfur dioxide and to a small degree with hydrogen to produce hydrogen sulfide - which gives burning hair its distinctive smell.

Hair. However, if you want a self-sustaining fire, the area needs to be fatty tissue. In my case, that is my belly. Once fat starts burning, it is self-sustaining. It is likely ignition of fat (by things like cigarettes) that cause "spontaneous human combustion". (Not a real thing in my opinion.)

Has New Brunswick tried attracting refugees and immigrants in order to increase its population?

I can speak from the perspective of an immigrant.Yes, they have tried and are still doing it. Like many provinces in Canada, immigrants can apply under a provincial nominee program. I had friends who did but most of them were already in Canada. They were either students or

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Have you ever gotten away with murder?

Hypothetically if I had, the first step in not getting away with it would be telling people about it.Why would anyone admit to this? Murder has no statute of limitations, the moment they admit to it they will no longer have gotten away with it.