Which colleges accepted/rejected you (April 2019)?

This entire admissions cycle has made me realize just how fragile my ego is. I applied to a LOT of top private schools, thinking that, at the very least, one of them might accept me. Although it worked out for me in the end, it was a very long ride that I will explain.

Living on the West Coast for most of my life, I wanted some change. I had always imagined myself at a small liberal arts college on the east coast with the full force of the four seasons.

I went to a rather competitive magnet public high school in Southern California. The following are my stats in a jiffy:

4.6 UW, 3.7 W

36 ACT

800 on Chem, 800 Math II, 780 Bio-M

Mixture of 4s and 5s on AP tests (mainly 5s)

Varsity Swim for 4 years

......And a bunch of other ECs I don't feel like getting into

Onto my schools-

Early Action Schools:

Harvard- deferred -> rejected ( I connected so much with my interviewer though! Still keep in contact with him to talk about my college admissions process haha)

UNC Chapel Hill- accepted

Regular Decision Schools:

Princeton- rejected

Columbia- rejected (I was really pining for Columbia because it was another one of my best interviews and I love New York, but alas, it wasn't meant to be)

Yale- rejected

UPenn- rejected

Stanford- rejected

Northwestern- rejected

Johns Hopkins- rejected

Emory- rejected

WashU in St.Louis- rejected

Duke- rejected

University of Notre Dame- waitlisted

Vanderbilt- waitlisted

UC Berkeley- accepted

UCLA- accepted!! (I went to visit and the campus was absolutely beautiful. I had actually committed here before UChicago came out..)

UC San Diego- accepted

UC Irvine- accepted

NYU- accepted

Boston College- accepted

Last but not least:

University of Chicago- waitlisted.

I have to say, I wasn't too bummed when I first got the decision. I was really humbled getting into the waitlist, and wrote my letter of continued interest the weekend right after all of my decisions came out.

Then I let go. I decided the odds of getting off the waitlist simply weren't in my favor. If they didn't want me, then I still have UCLA. I avidly hoped for Vanderbilt though, since one of my best friends is going there and the campus is lovely. But my heart was already set 98% on UCLA, and I even started planning which classes I was interested in taking at UCLA.

Then I got an email from my regional admissions officer on the fateful day of 04/29/19 asking me if she could talk to me through the phone for ten minutes. She offered me a position for the Class of 2024, and everything still feels like a dream.

Although I had to wait a lot longer and go through immense turmoil over all of my rejections, it was all worth it in the end. Waitlists do suck since you are forced to wait without knowing when and how the decision will come along, and by then, you have already set your heart on another school.

But, UChicago simply checked off everything on my dream college attributes- not in California, towards the East Coast, definitely snows and has 4 seasons, and is a small liberal arts college with the Core Curriculum. The philosophy department can't be beat either.

To all the future kiddos reading this, I want to make a few things clear about college applications.

  1. It doesn't define who you are or how accomplished you are. Period. My grades were crappy as heck compared to my classmates and I didn't have any national awards or terribly exciting things in my ECs. Everything is honestly based on pure luck, on the way your application just so happens to be absolutely fascinating and the perfect fit for the incoming class for a split second. Truly, don't let it define you if you don't make it as far as you would like to.
  2. Relax. It's senior year!! If I could redo senior year, I would definitely have taken that extra hour nap or went out with my friends more. In the end, time spent on resting yourself will be far more beneficial than stressing over things beyond your control.

I'm excited to be attending UChicago as the class of 2024! I'll be taking a gap year in Ecuador to hone my Spanish before starting my freshman year refreshed. :)

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