Which company do you think will catch up and be able to compete with Tesla?

Probably no one!

Tesla has a lead in infrastructure that competitors haven't yet started to address. The Supercharger network is a necessity to seriously compete in the EV business.

Tesla also have their own battery supply. Most likely, other car manufacturers will pay up to $10 000 more for a 100 kWh battery in the open market compared to Tesla in-house production at large scale. It is not easy to pass that cost to the car buyer, especially when they have lower specifications than Tesla.

Many competitors also fall into the trap of electrifying their ICE cars to benefit from existing production. The result are heavier, more complex cars without the safety, convenience and performance benefits of having the batteries in the floor.

Lots of car companies will be able to do in 2020, what Tesla did in 2012. It's not that hard to be 8 years late to a party.

It's not the car that is the hurdle for car companies. The hurdle is competing with the Super Charging network.

Any answer you read to this question that doesn't mention the Super Charging network, is from someone who has zero firsthand experience with a Tesla.

Most major car companies now are engineering, designing, and putting together prototypes for electric cars with limited self-driving capabilities

I expect by 2020, Tesla will face extreme competition from European automakers in general. VW, AUDI.

By 2022 or so I expect the "Big 3" automakers in the US to have full releases of electric vehicles with limited self driving capabilities.

Time is not in favor of Tesla but they still have the "Apple of carmakers" kind of appeal to the consumer that they should stick with.

Most major manufacturers, in Europe anyway, are committed to introducing electric models, and cars like the Jaguar e-Pace have arguably caught up with Tesla already.

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