Which country has best education in Africa?

Education in Africa can be divided broadly into two:

  • Formal
  • Informal

Assessment of educational systems in Africa ought to be divided into two

  • Quality
  • Accessibility (Is there equal opportunity for all)

The effectiveness of a country's educational system determine its living standards.

In the 1960s Ghana, liberated from the shackles of colonialism, had the best educational system in Africa. Education was rapidly extended and advanced research centers like a nuclear reactor for research purposes was set up.

Today it will be difficult to tell the country with the best educational system. South Africa is extending education to all and has some of the best universities in Africa. It has a higher standard of living.

I would say South Africa,and I am not going to rule out Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia, Botswana. Other countries are Equatorial Guinea, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Seychelles.

Of all the countries in Africa , for education south Africa and Egypt are better. Their per ca-pita income is good and literacy rates are better. Though Zimbabwe is having the best Literacy rates in Africa , because of their economy there are not in good shape off late.

According to the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests Tunisia has the best African education.

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i would say

1- Egypt , 2- South Africa , 3-tunisia, 4- Morroco , 5- Algeria ,6-Sudan , 7- Ghana

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