Which country has the largest transgender population in Asia?

I would guess Philippines, then maybe Thailand. Purely because Philippines has a larger population.

Source: I live in Philippines and there are 2 ladyboys at the burger bar outside the window right now as I type this.

For sure many countries in SE Asia are not as tolerant as Philippines and Thailand.

You wouldn't see this in Banda Aceh, or KL or Brunei.

Singapore is too small to compete (even though Singaporeans LOVE ladyboys)

How much exercise should be done per day?

So I know of a friend of another friend named Vinh from Saigon, Vietnam, who has done researched with the United States Department of Health and Services. He lives with his wife, Thuy, and maintain a large potion of land where they grow rice for a living. According to Vinh, every

What workout routine should you follow as a gym beginner?

Hello Beginner,First of all lemme congratulate you as you have taken a step forward which most people won't. As you are a beginner something to learn.you can't build muscle within 3/6 months, if this is your goal then please don't go to gymDon't take supplements from Day-1Do some R&D about exercises, diet and all, make sure you are doing

When did you realize that you're not gay?

When did you realize that you're not gay?Maybe two years ago now. I was quite confused about what my sexuality was because I know I am very sexually attracted to men, but I also found the idea of dating a woman very enticing.After some research, I came across a