Which country has the worst police?

without any doubt US police will surely ranks among the worst. It's appaling how they can shoot easily, brutalize and bully the very people they are supposed to protect.

Just last year more than 1000 US citizens have been killed by unsecurity forces.


World's most corrupt police force is of Haiti. The Haitian police have negatively influenced society and Haitian culture with their unethical practices for quite awhile. In recent years, the Haitian National Police have violated various human rights and broken numerous laws, such as kidnapping, drug trafficking and police brutality. They have even resisted preventing or responding to gang-related violence. The lawlessness of the HNP appears to have died down slightly after the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010, but only time will tell if it will stay this way. From http://www.wonderslist.com/10-mo...
What is the sickest thing you saw while travelling on a plane?

‘The sickest thing' has two connotations depending on your age!the sickest thing in young persons lingo was being in a Boeing 747 and out of the window seeing Concorde behind us with Sir David Frost on board. I had seen him and his wife in the Terminal and said hello to him.

What is the scariest thing you've ever seen in real life?

The decapitation of a hog. A friend sent me a video recently, and as I watched they were washing the hog. He was just standing there, relaxed and totally oblivious to the guy standing near with a sickle blade nearby. As the guy moved closer, suddenly, the head was gone,

Can a person that sails a 200 ton yacht sail a ship?

You mean a 200 ton mega-yacht? For both, if they have the requisite Certificate of Competency to do so then yes. If not, then no.There is a CoC for Master of 200t mega-yachts Master of Yachts 200ton (Limited) MCA approved IYT Captain / First Mate Course with Superyacht Crew Academy, which is